LucasFilm pushes the boundaries with real-time rendering

LucasFilm is working on a real-time rendering system that captures character movements on a soundstage and, in real-time, incorporates those movements in video. This is a remarkable achievement and, in my mind, carries significant implications for film and video game production.

As you watch the video, notice the convergence of technologies. At about :41, the director swaps out one character for another with the push of a button, while the video plays live. At 1:55, you get a real taste of the ability to capture subtle facial movements, transferring them to a live character. There’s so much more. Just watch.

  • satcomer

    This cool and looks more for Video game quality videos.

    • websnap

      Have you seen the quality video game effects have lately? Go check out a demo for the PS4. Besides, there will always be post-pro work to do whenever you are working with a project as big as feature films.

  • bjwanlund

    This was so cool! And apparently Star Wars 1313 is still in production even tho LucasArts (the LucasFilm game division) got shuttered earlier this year?

  • Stu Mark

    IMHO, this isn’t about reducing post-production time or costs, it’s about better filmmaking. The more thoroughly a director can visualize the final result of what her/his actors are doing during principle photography, the better the adjustments that can be made on set, even while cameras are still rolling. I would argue that some of the issues that some folks have with the level of acting in the second trilogy of Star Wars films could have been addressed in the moment if Mr. Lucas had this system back then.

    • Moeskido

      I doublt this system could improve the writing of those movies.

  • Moeskido

    Those rendered scenes looked very good.

  • Jason Boone

    I suppose that in the future we can place models of ourselves into the DVD in place of existing characters.. I can finally be Han Solo!!!!!