Apple refunding iTunes Breaking Bad, final season purchases

Glad to see this. Apple is definitely doing the right thing here.

  • Taking the fall for AMC? Agree that it’s nice for consumers, but people need to understand that they were only buying half a season.

    • Dave Mark

      I hear you. I like that Apple is protecting their customers here, no matter who is ultimately at fault. To me, better product labeling would have prevented this.

    • Tim Chaten

      Yea AMC should be floating the bill on this one

  • tylernol

    I got the refund. When I got the season 5 pass, it said ” final season” in it and I was lead to believe that I would be getting all the remaining episodes. Apple did the right thing here, but I hope AMC stops pulling this BS as they are the ones ultimately misleading the season pass purchasers. Not only is AMC ripping off their customers, but also the actors,writers,directors, creating the shows– splitting seasons like this lets AMC avoid renegotiating contracts between seasons.

    I have heard AMC is pulling this stunt for Mad Men’s “final” season, and I will be long closely at the season pass for the imminent Walking Dead Season 4.

  • Loren Finkelstein

    Agreed. You can’t call it 1 season, and sell a season pass that only covers half of it. I doesn’t matter who is responsible for the stupid season numbering. The fact remains, it was false advertising.

  • Scott Falkner

    If I may play a bit of a devil’s advocate here, there may be more benign reasons to treat season 5.5 as season 6. The Emmys. Since this season of Breaking Bad was nominated (and won) the latest Emmy awards, it may not be eligible for next year’s awards. So it has to be officially recognized as a sixth season for awards consideration.

    I have no idea if this is true, but it may be part of the pudding.

    • but no party is referring to it as season 6 — they referred to it all as season 5, split into two. hairsplitting i know…but i doubt they could

      • Scott Falkner

        “… but no party is referring to it as season 6…”

        Nobody except Apple, AMC, Amazon, Google, …