iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy launch performance

The chart says it all.

  • tylernol


  • Mother Hydra

    And there is Samsung, taking pictures of people waiting in line for iPhones. Scrutinizing every detail but still unable to comprehend.

  • Moeskido

    Samsung reminds me a bit of the old S. Gross cartoon that shows five blind men examining an elephant, trying to understand it by the small part each is feeling.

    The man at the elephant’s trunk says “an elephant is like a snake.” The man at the leg: “an elephant is like a tree trunk.” And so on.

    The last blind man, hands deep in a pile of dung, says “an elephant is soft and mushy.”

  • They should provide better comparisons through lumping the different S models since the 5c/s are lumped.

    Oh and the results are shocking. Samsung is in a sea of competitors on Android.