BlackBerry sold for parts

BlackBerry was sold for $4.7 billion or about what Apple made on iPhone sales last weekend.

  • Cuntafucka


  • The price seems high to me. In a few months, the share price would likely be down to $5. Why buy the entire company? Why not buy 51% and just screw the minority shareholders?

    • Moeskido

      Because if you don’t own the whole company, you can’t break it up and sell it all off.

      • Pretty much. I think this is going to end Blackberry entirely. Fairfax doesn’t strike me as an organisation that wants to make phones.

    • Joseph Blake

      Because buying the entire company and taking it private means it’s no longer on the stock market and no longer bound by the rules and regulations of the SEC and whatever the Canadian equivalent is.

      • Moeskido

        We’ll see.

  • MikeTRose
    • Blinx182

      Thanks. The BGR link wasn’t enough.

  • BongBong

    LOL! Ouch!

  • Joseph Blake

    Where does it say it’s being “sold for parts”? It just says that private equity firm is taking it private.

    • Moeskido

      Do you not know what private equity companies do?

      • Joseph Blake

        Sometimes they split up companies, sometimes they don’t Sometimes they liquidate companies sometimes they don’t.

        • Moeskido

          BB is a technology company whose management took almost five years to realize it had been left behind by competitors it didn’t even consider worth paying attention to. Exactly what do you think is going to happen to BB’s assets?

          • Joseph Blake

            I really have no idea. I was simply commenting on the headline that states BBRY had “been sold for parts” which is not true. It is being sold, intact, to the private equity firm. I’m not a BlackBerry fan or customer or Apple or Loop hater. Simply pointing out an inaccuracy in Jim’s headline. Chill.

          • Moeskido

            I remain calm. Jim is doing here what he does throughout this site: using colloquial language to interpret events.

          • Joseph Blake

            It wasn’t a colloquial interpretation. It is wholly incorrect. “Selling it off for parts” means something specific, something that didn’t happen. At any rate it’s not upsetting, and it’s really kind of ridiculous that this discussion has gone on this far so I am finished. See ya.

  • Sigivald

    Oh, I’d forgotten how hilarious the comments threads were on anything BlackBerry related.


  • Winski

    BEST Blackberry headline of the year…

    Freddie Mercury would be proud….. ‘Another one bites the dust’…..