How to start up a Boeing 737

How to start up a Boeing 737:

Not nearly as easy as strapping in and turning the key!

  • And yet, the majority of the flight plan programming part seems to have been edited out. Great video anyway !

  • mK

    scary amount of complexity to the untrained eye.

    • scheer

      And thats what she said during one night

  • ryan

    Sort of reminds me of one of those ‘howtobasic’ videos.

  • Anton

    For comparison sake pull up a video of tu 154 start up procedure

  • satcomer

    Seems like a terrorists how to steal a flying bomb.

  • Moeskido

    That’s a lot of detail for a job that pays so little.

  • there’s a lot in there that’s flight related. For ground runs, it’s a bit more simple, but not by much. ’37’s older hardware.

    Depending on the hardware, you can get to APU start really fast. In the case of a B-1B, it’s a single big button, aka the “Alert Start” switch.

    has a nice pic of it about a quarter of the way down the page.

    We never did get to see that one in action. always had to do it the hard way. Sigh.

  • bobbb

    The title should be, “How to prepare for flight, in a 737”. Most of the switches and knobs they are messing with are radios, testing alarms, lights, etc. To start a jet…its like 2 buttons and a switch.