Velocity speed reading app for iPhone

This is cool. It shows you one word at a time, so you can increase your speed over time.

  • noliv

    There was already ReadQuick doing exactly that, and which is universal for iPhone and iPad. Plus, it has a mode with black screen for the night. I bought it and the only missing feature is adding a text from a local source, not from the internet (I add non web articles in it by putting them in my public dropbox folder… so it’s ~ok).

    On the reading one word at a time principle, I feel that it could be much better by adjusting a word duration depending on how common it is (= how easy it is for the brain to recognize it), slow down on numbers, and group very small and common words (“it’s a”, “I do”, “I’m”…)

    I think it’s interesting but I don’t use that app very often.