This must be embarrassing for Google

Seriously, everyone wants an iPhone.

  • wallyfoo

    I don’t understand what I’m supposed to be seeing here. Unicorn themed stuff on the google play store. I’m missing the iPhone-specific content.

    • Chris

      Following the link from NetNewsWire puts a load of referrer fluff into the URL that stopped me seeing the intended content. Following the link on this page doesn’t cause that to happen. Maybe you’re suffering the same?

      • wallyfoo

        That makes much more sense now.

  • Jim, what are you linking to?

  • The White Tiger

    He’s linking to all the iOS 7 launchers on the Play Store, I believe.

    I like iOS 7 a lot (and have since its announcement), but this is scarcely an embarrassment for Google. It’d be like Apple being embarrassed that there’s a bunch of Android skins in Cydia. Some people like making their phones look like something they’re not.

  • Chaka10

    This launch feels like Apple is, FINALLY, in a position to thumb its nose at its antagonists, and is doing so with vengeance and glee, at every turn.

    Copy the “luxurious feel” of our icons? Try copying flat with parallax. (Now Android icons just reminds of OLD iOS)

    AMOLED issues with garish over-saturation? Try it with the light hues of the new color scheme.

    Gimmicky specs passing for innovation? Try match Touch ID and 64 bit A7.

    Betray our trust as manufacturing partner? We’ll get rid of you well before you think we can, as soon as our contract expires (reportedly June this year).

    Betray our trust as a board member and strategic partner? You could have been satisfied as the preferred maps and search vendor on the highest value mobile devices (by demographics and usage), but no, you had to be greedy, didn’t you? Well, take your maps and search, and shove it.

    It’s been reported that this may be the last Apple launch of devices in which that Steve Jobs would have been involved. If so, I can’t think of a better way to say a final good bye to Apple’s beloved founder. I think there’s a story here, for somebody with a better way with words.

    • Guest

      A lot of ignorance in this post and this story. Google doesn’t care if people want to put up iOS 7 themed apps on the Play Store. It’s completely open and free for people to do whatever they want. That’s the point.

      Second Chaka10, you have no idea what you’re talking about, whatsoever. Flat icons were on Android WAY before iOS 7 was even announced. “MIUI” much? So was parallax. Go find “3D parallax background” on the play store. Observe how it came out in 2012 and people said to hurry up and “patent it” before Apple steals it. Lo and Behold June 2013 rolls around…

      Apples A7 chip is just an armv8 chip. Everyone will be coming out with these in short order. Apple did not invent the technology in them.

      It’s shocking to me how willfully ignorant Apple fans, including Jim, can be.

      • Chaka10

        Attack the post, not the poster…. The point isn’t whether Google cares or allows those apps, but that there’s demand for them….

        • Tvaddic

          People jail break their iPhones does Apple lose much sleep over that?

      • thirdxeye

        Right about the first, there are just as many Windows 8 themes on the Play Store.

        About the second. Parallax, a Cydia tweak, implemented a parallax wallpaper late 2010. But the concept isn’t unique to smartphones anyways. Apple stealing it from Android? Not so much.

        The A7 is not just an ARMv8 chip. It’s a custom SOC design by Apple, implementing the ARMv8 instruction set. They did this with the A6 already. So let’s see how fast everyone else will be. So far they’ve been busy ramping up the core count.

    • Parallax wallpapers are not missed on Android. There’s been an app for it for quite a while.

  • truth

    Embarrasing? Seriously? Why??

  • Irony… “embarrassing” post aimed at Google; all comments don’t know what he’s actually linking to. Looks like this post is more embarrassing for Jim than anyone else…

  • oldbean

    The link SHOULD be to a Google Play search for “iOS 7”, which reveals a myriad of iOS 7 skins for Android. But when I click through from my RSS reader (Feedbin), it just shows the front page of the Google Play store. I suspect this is the source of the confusion.

  • Terry

    I didn’t see an app that would take my iOS 7 device and change it to Android 2.3.3. I guess I will have to stick with this crummy old iPhone thingy.

  • John B.
    • marcintosh

      That makes a lot more sense. I know iPhones are magical, but Unicorns are not exclusive to the platform.

      • Mother Hydra

        I figured Google didn’t like mythical beasts like unicorns so naturally I got a wee bit upset.

    • Thanks. I was seriously lost, as it seems everyone else was as well.

      With the right link, I still disagree. This is what Android is about: choice.

  • Mother Hydra

    Whoa. That is a ton of skins considering not even a week has passed since iOS 7 was released into the wild! As always is the case with such endeavors, the skins are invariably incomplete or 99% there. That little-bitty 1% is why they didn’t work on the desktop (Mac and Win themes, WinAmp themes, Stardock et all) and why it doesn’t do much better on mobile. If anything it gets much worse with mobile themes since not all apps and their icons get the makeover treatment. Matias Durarte can’t feel good about this.

    • The UI hasn’t changed much from what was announced in June so 2-3 months is a long time to do a skin, which isn’t hard on Android.

      As for skinning, I agree. They aren’t my cup of tea but I’d bet Matias Duarte has 0 issue with people using the OS in the way it was built: customizable.

  • Tvaddic

    I really don’t think Google cares if people who ALREADY BOUGHT and USE an Android device decide to customize it to look like an iPhone. Apple would be more upset because this is a lost sale.

    • Tom

      Correct. Google only cares about ad money. Not user experience. It’s Jim’s fault to think that Google has a pride like Apple. Clearly this is for users who want iPhone but can’t afford it. The same one whom Google boast about market share and activations.

      • Tvaddic

        All companies care about money, did Apple care about user experience when they replaced Google maps? Or did Microsoft care when they announced a none backwards compatible Xbox. Did Google care when they killed Reader? None of these companies cared in those examples, they cared about money. But I don’t know how a company letting you change the look and feel of your phone means you don’t care about user experience.

        That’s like saying Apple should be embarrassed when people jailbreak their iPhone.

        • Tom

          Huh? Apple Map works fine for me. In fact, The Direction is even better than Google Map. Seems to me you just read too much Apple bashing.

          • Tvaddic

            For you, a vast number of users like prefer/preferred Google Maps if they only cared about user experience they would’ve never replaced it or at least give you the option to pick a default provider.

  • Jack

    Not embarrassing at all. Google sells choice and customization. People can change their phone to look like whatever the heck they want.

    • marcintosh

      Absolutely, man! If those folks want to make their Samsung look like a better phone with a better interface then there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to. After all, Google lets anyone put anything on any Android device so go ahead and dress your phone up if you want.

  • Someone I know on Facebook just screen-shotted their S4 with iOS7 icons on it. It was hilarious.