Liquid nitrogen sorcery

I just love science. This is all parlor tricks, but so fun to watch.

Please do not try any of these yourselves. Liquid nitrogen is dangerous stuff and we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

  • Odi Kosmatos


    But… that last one is just taking a badly calculated risk. “Swallowing nitrogen gas traps it in your body because your epiglottis (the flap at the top of your esophagus) prevents gas from escaping. The result can be burns throughout your esophagus down to your stomach. Gas also expands and so it can push on your internal organs and resulted in a collapsed lung in one guy who tried drinking liquid nitrogen.”

    Also, how come they show a “Don’t touch!” warning at the beginning and then at the end they put the stuff in their mouth?

    Is this a phishing video for Darwin Awards candidates?

    • Dave Mark

      Very good points. I will add a warning to the post.

    • Max

      Came here to make the same comment. Don’t even attempt that last trick.