Walt Mossberg leaves WSJ

Dow Jones & Co. won’t renew its partnership with AllThingsD, the technology news website that rose to prominence covering the players of the high-tech industry and reviewing their products.

As part of the separation, announced Thursday by Dow Jones editor-in-chief and Wall Street Journal managing editor Gerard Baker, longtime Wall Street Journal technology columnist Walt Mossberg will leave the paper.


  • The end of an era.

  • So what are Walt Mossberg’s plans now?

  • Seth

    Clearly wasn’t meeting his quota of “Apple is doomed” articles

  • More like “AllThingsD won’t renew its partnership with Dow Jones & Co.”

  • abdoradus

    So they do care who they work for. Good.

  • Mike

    “We thank Dow Jones for letting us run an entrepreneurial news business inside the larger firm,” Mr. Mossberg and Ms. Swisher said. “However, we feel it’s time to move to a more independent structure.”

    So it seems it is really the other way around. AllThingsD won’t renew it’s partnership with Dow Jones & Co.

    Big loss for the WSJ.

    • Mother Hydra

      Another in a string of big losses for them. They just don’t get it.

  • Moeskido

    AllThingsD wasn’t helping its credibility by staying with the WSJ at this point. Looking forward to seeing Walt’s new mission statement.

  • crateish

    Just as well. The WSJ is now a ‘became American to take over our media’ Murdoch crapbag. I was never comfortable reading there after the sale.