USA Today talks to Jony Ive and Craig Federighi

There are so many good pieces in this story. You just have to read the whole thing.

  • GadgetGav

    I don’t know why it’s so hard for so much of the mainstream press and Wall St particularly to understand Apple. Time and time again in interviews they talk about doing things the right way, about simplifying to the point where the outcome seems obvious (but only once you’ve been shown their solution) and focusing on user experience not spec sheets. Does Wall St think they don’t mean it? That it’s just some kind of marketing spin for the the shiny product launch? It’s entirely engrained at Apple and the people who work there at all levels. If you don’t fit in with that ethic and culture, you don’t get the job (or you leave in your first year when you realize you don’t fit in). It’s not about Steve Jobs, or Ive and Federighi, it runs top to bottom in the company and they’re all proud of it. If only more people would read and understand this article, maybe we’d get less of the junk about Apple from places like Market Watch and Business Insider.

    • def4

      You’re exactly right. They are too jaded to even entertain the thought that Apple can be so successful and so generous in their approach to designing products.

      It takes virtue to recognise and appreciate virtue. The ones that see it as BS do so because they cannot relate, they cannot imagine themselves doing similar things.

    • DanielSw

      What you’re not realizing is that these various entities are deliberately “anti-Apple” because of various vested interests. Conveniently anonymous posters on article comment threads, bloggers, and lackey hacks can say anything at all, and I suspect that a good number of them do it because they are told to, or because they get paid to do so. So, to the gullible and to those who believe for one reason or another that, “If it’s in the paper (or online) it MUST be true.” or “If it’s appearing so often from so many places, it MUST be true.” This is the scam.

      What about all the compulsive gamblers–I mean “investors”–who never seem to learn their lessons about the impossible odds against them “getting rich” by playing the market? Despite all the devastating crashes, no one seems to be learning their lessons. They just keep gambling–I mean “investing.”

      What about the lessons Apple could be teaching so many? Hard work and careful observation, planning, inspiration, and teamwork will eventually win out over short-term, myopic gimmicks.

      • GadgetGav

        Oh, I get that they’ve got vested interests… it’s just a shame that so many people fall for it without seeing through it.

  • Chris Denny

    It was a “mild” interview, not anything that the hungry tech press can really quote on, or spin to make it sound negative. But telling none the less.

  • Billy Razzle

    I’d buy a Jony Ive cup.