Marketing lesson

I wouldn’t normally buy a product like this. But this ad is spot-on perfect. Hits all the right notes. So well done, I had to share. There’s a lesson here on how to sell your product effectively.

  • Chris Hauk

    I’ve had this in the guest bathroom for awhile now. Works as advertised!

  • HankFromage

    The amazing part is that it really does work. I first saw Poo~Pourri at a business, then had to look up if it was just a joke product. The reviews convinced me to buy it. I suspect this ad will have the same effect from people looking it up on Amazon just to see if it’s for real.

  • Stacy_C


  • Moeskido

    Bit of an old-style long form for the setup. I wonder if they have any 15- or 30-second spots.

  • John B.
  • satcomer

    I always like this toilette paper add: Le papier ne sera jamais mort / Paper is not dead !

  • bbetterful

    Great! Just Great!