More iOS 7 tips and tricks

Here are a few more tips and tricks for the new iOS.

  • Sigivald

    Semi-on-topic rant time:

    iOS 7 is mostly pretty damned good.

    But my GOD, did anyone even think about what they did to app folders?

    Paging them is fine; no complaints about that.

    But making them only hold 9 items a page, for no obvious reason? Even on a farkin’ iPad?

    Great. Now my collections of stuff need to be rearranged to avoid paging (because the entire point was to, you know, not have to page to get to things), at very least to avoid having 9 + 3 more, more or less randomly in each one.

    To what end? What part of user experience does the 9 item per page limit improve?

    If there’s some benefit to a hard limit of 9 regardless of screen size, I can’t even begin to imagine what it is.

    (Second rant: It was really nice to have a grid of thumbnails in Music, for albums or artists. Made re-discovery and browsing in my giant library much easier.

    The new list-only-or-if-you-can-change-that-it’s-not-obvious-how format would be a great option, but I want my information density back.

    This is less important, but still makes me wonder what problem was being solved.

    Kinda like how the now-playing page on my iPhone now shows title in between artist and album, making it considerably harder to pick out at a glance … and often not even fully visible if artist name is long.

    Details matter, which is why I honestly expect better from Apple, since Appe’s core bit of UX knowledge is precisely that the details matter…)