Apple releases iOS 7.0.1

It’s available from Software Update on your iPhone.

  • Domenico_Panacea


  • Jeff Slater

    That was fast.

  • iPhone 5c and 5s only, right?

    • codedungeon

      Yes, 5c/5s only

      • rattyuk

        So not available for anyone until Friday then…

  • For those wondering why it was pushed so fast, it’ due to bugs reported during the Golden Master phase, which has been out for about a week.

    So any bugs that are being patched are week old bugs.

  • Mike

    7.0.1 is only for 5s & 5c devices..

  • jtr3

    Servers must be getting hammered. I get an error when checking for an update.

    • I made it in with only two errors before my iPad took the update, but my phone took about 20 attempts. (Desperate? Who, me?)

  • KvH

    yeah, my 5 (running the gold master) says it’s up to date. Could be server overload, but i suspect 5s/5c were running a pre-GM release and got updated to fix bugs found in that.

  • Matty

    Yes Jim you should specify that this is for only the super cool people who have the new phones.

    • Kip Beatty

      As Jim is one of the super cool ones, he’s likely unaware that the 7.0.1 update he’s seeing on his iPhone 5s is only for the 1%. 🙂

  • iOS 7.0.1 Direct Links now Added for iPhone 5S/5C

  • Jack