Voila Screen Capture Tool for Mac

I’d like to thank Voila – Screen Capture Tool from Global Delight for sponsoring this week’s RSS feed on The Loop. Capture your Mac screen, create amazing demos and tutorials and upload them with Voila.

With Voila, you can easily take different types of screenshots, edit and share images, webpages or notes on your Mac.

Organize your captures in smart collection folders or access it from multiple devices using your Dropbox or Evernote account. Record screencasts, webinars and videos for your project or store them for future reference. You can also mail your captures directly from the app with just a few clicks.

Global Delight is running a ‘Back To School’ campaign ’til end of September where Voila is available for 50% discount. You can grab a copy for just $14.99 which is otherwise $29.99

Give it a Try! Download the app now and enjoy 15 day Free Trial.