Reeder 2

There is nothing better to read your RSS feeds than Reeder. I love this app.

  • kylecronin


  • For the iPhone, Reeder is the best. But on the iPad, we love Mr. Reader a zillion times more than Reeder. Check it out… it has sooo many customization options that Reeder doesn’t even offer.

  • It’s taken a long time, but Reeder 2 turned out to be great. In my eyes it’s still the RSS reader to beat on both the iPhone and the iPad.

    • Mr. Reader has already beaten Reeder on iPad, hands-down. Perhaps on the iPhone, Reeder might still be best, but the missing features in Reeder 2 (i.e. no ability to sort a list of articles by news feed) have soured my enjoyment of the app. Furthermore, the developers of Reeder offer zero technical support. Mr. Reader has outstanding tech support.

      • I definitely agree with the latter argument; getting ahold of Mr. Ticci is hard work.

        I own a copy of Mr. Reader and it’s a very nice app, but I like the simplicity of Reeder and the well implemented gestures. It has its flaws, like bad handling of sharing services and no feed management for Fever°, but I still enjoy using it more than any other reader.

  • Reeder 2 is missing several features that were in Reeder 1. Primarily, the ability to sort a list of articles by news feed instead of date!!

  • Robert

    Already bought, love the new(-ish) design and the gestures. Tried Mr Reader, may be fine for others, but not for me.

  • MichaelQ

    No Landscape mode in iPhone? Sucks for videos.

    Or am I holding it wrong?

  • bradybone

    What are you using for RSS feed management now? Feedbin? FeedWrangler? NewsBlur? Other?