PCalc 3.0 designed for iOS 7

James Thomson updated his calculator apps, adding a lot of new iOS 7 support.

  • Arno

    Beautiful but for the icon… can’t leave that on the home screen

  • mbd2

    I, actually, really like the icon! Going to be interesting to watch as many icons get iOS7-ified over the coming weeks…

  • gjgustav

    James Thomson is a standup guy who has been dedicated to great Mac/iOS software for more than two decades. PCalc is no exception. This is one of my standard app recommendations when friends buy new iOS devices ask me what they should get.

  • marv08

    I have one serious complaint about this update: it makes me feel miserable. Can we please have a paid update? We got more than enough for our money.

  • franksspam

    I have been using Mr. Thomson’s PCalc for years. I am so excited that he finally added the mod operator!!!