Video of the iPhone rollout

In case you missed it.

  • lkalliance

    Weird thing I just noticed. On the Apple website, click to see the iPhone 5C page. The top image has the different colors of iPhone, standing vertically. The angles of only the leftmost two phones, the green and the blue, are such that you can see the front faces, from a severe angle.

    The green one appears to have iPhone 4S-like screen dimensions, sort of. The ear speaker and the home button regions are definitely larger, 4S-like, than those for the blue one.


    EDIT: Looking again, and looking closer, I’m not sure which is the “correct” image. Is it a matter of angle and image perspective? The top region definitely looks smaller to me on the blue than on the green.

    • James Hughes

      Yes, I think it may be a perspective thing. I agree about the disparity between the two though. But if I imagine lifting and turning the blue iPhone I can imagine the effect being the same as what is shown in the image.