Very serious Holy Grail trailer

I am amazed they found so much non-silly footage.

  • Briliant

  • Jeff Zugale

    Incontrovertible proof that in film/video storytelling, editing is everything.

  • Moeskido

    That’s part of the reason why the movie is so good: it was shot by people who know how to create a mood. I once read a review of “Holy Grail” that said, comedy aside, it was one of the most beautifully-filmed fantasy movies he’d ever seen.

  • James Hughes

    Great stuff. All I ever have to do is say “run away!” to someone, if they laugh we just nod to each other. Aha, a kindred spirit. Ha ha ha, love it.

  • Michael_Fink

    Clever idea. Appalling typography.

  • Well, the fish clip was a bit silly.

  • Brian

    Wonderful edit. Change the typography and it’s a masterpiece.

  • Adam

    Directed by the ‘Two Terrys’. Jones is a classical scholar and Gilliam is, well, Terry Gilliam. Apparently early cuts were so authentic it was actually quite depressing!