Live update from Apple’s iPhone event

I’m at Apple’s and will be bringing you live updates throughout this morning’s announcements. Updates are posted in reverse chronological order.

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Okay, that’s it.

Elvis is telling stories between songs. Very funny guy.

Nice, just Elvis and an electric guitar.

Elvis Costello is here to sing

He is reviewing the announcements made today.

Tim is back on stage.

iPhone 5C pre-order Sept 13. Sept 20 you can buy.

iPhone 4S 8GB will remain in the line-up. Some carriers will offer for free.

16GB $199, 32GB $299, 64GB $399 with a two-year contract.

You can also use it to authenticate to make purchases from the App Store.

It’s easy to teach the iPhone about your fingerprint.

The sensor is right in the Home Button.

Touch ID is a new tech that reads your fingerprint.

Half of smartphone customers don’t setup a password.

I hope it takes better low-light pics.

Slo-Mo: Create scenes with slow motion. You just pick the parts of the video you want to be slow motion and it looks seamless.

Burst Mode: Auto picks the best ones, although you can choose the ones you want.

Auto Image Stabilization: Takes multiple photos and pieces together the best parts of the pictures.

There are two flashes on the iPhone now that can adjust for color conditions.

True Tone Flash

The pixels are actually bigger, but Phil says that let’s in more light and makes for a better picture.

Camera system: 5 element apple-designed lens.

Battery Life: 10 hours 3G talk time.

M7 gives developers more ways to tell if you’re moving and to use that data for apps.

M7 is a motion coprocessor. Takes information from the Accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.

Impressive demo of graphics performance.

Having a demo from Epic Games. Infinity Blade 3

CPU performance from first iPhone to today is 40x more powerful.

A7 is up to 2x as fast as previous generation.

iOS 7 is also 64-bit.

A7 has over 1 billion transistors.

Powered by A7 64-bit chip. The first ever in any phone.

Gold, silver and black.

iPhone 5S is the most forward-thinking anyone has made.

Showing a video of Jony Ive talking about the design on the new iPhone 5C. I love listening to Jony talk about design.

iPhone 5C is plastic.

$99 for 16GB, $199 for 32GB with two-year contract.

FaceTime audio is now available too.

Powered by A6 and has an 8MP camera.

Five colors: Blue, Green, Pink, White and Yellow.

Custom cases for the 5C from Apple

Showing a video of the 5C

iPhone 5C. All the tech that customers love about iPhone 5.

Phil Schiller is on stage.

This year we are going to replace the iPhone 5 with not one, but two new designs.

iPhone 5 took our business to a new level.

Here we go, iPhone.

Includes the 5th generation iPod touch.

iWork, iPhoto and iMovie are now free with any new iOS device.

iWork, iPhoto, iMovie—no other platform has apps like these.

iWork is the best-selling mobile productivity app on any platform.

Tim is back. Talking about iWork

iOS 7 is free on Sept. 18.

Over 200 features in iOS 7.

The year view for photos looks cool.

He’s going through these features pretty quick. I get the feeling iOS 7 isn’t going to take up much time today.

Overnight, hundreds of millions of people will download iOS 7. He’s showing us what’s in store for users with new features.

Craig is talking about iOS 7

The new Stanford store looks amazing.

Turning the attention to retail.

Tim is showing a video of iTunes Festival setup and how they got everything ready.

Of course, the concerts are live streamed around the world too.

20 million people applied for tickets to iTunes Festival.

Talking about the iTunes Festival. I agree it was an amazing event.

Says he’s excited to show us some things.

Tim is here.

Everyone is seated. It looks like we’re ready here.

  • Hardik Panjwani

    Any chance this will be streaming on apple’s website?

    • John


  • Zop

    Swedish news channel TV4 says they are live streaming the event:

    More info:

    • Error code now 🙁

    • gypsydonut

      Swedish news channel TV4 is wrong.

  • imthedude

    Good luck figuring out apple. They don’t stream an event to launch their phone, but they stream other, crappier events.

    Maybe they’re not that confident in the announcements this time.

    • caleb_land

      Do you know if they streamed the iPhone 4 event live?

      • snac

        nope they didnt

    • gjgustav

      what are these other “crappier” events you speak of?

  • Marvso

    You will be able to watch it later on apple website. I am thinking if I watched it live or recorded this evening it won’t make much difference.

    • mhikl

      Marcos, you are of the few left who understand the pleasures of anticipation. All that pleasure postponing instant gratification is a lost art. 🙂

    • imthedude

      You’re right. As long as you turn off your internet connection, unless spoilers are you thing. People like seeing things unveiled live. While I appreciate what people like Jim do with live blogging, it’s not nearly the same.

  • Abu Khalid

    If you want it live

    • To see bloggers talk about what they read other bloggers write?

      • caleb_land

        It might be useful for those who can’t constantly look at their browser, and want to follow along.

    • shiftlocked

      Fake link. Its people commenting about the stream. Its not the official live stream

  • Bas

    Techcrunch: Sounds like there won’t be an official live video stream. “If we’re going to do that, we’d generally announce it the morning of”, says an Apple rep

  • Ben Wachtel

    It’s not unusual these days for Apple to not stream an event like this. They used to do it all the time.

  • novybajwa
  • Jon

    The off-contract pricing on a 5c is so stupid. Tim Cook must be smoking crack if he thinks people are gonna pay 600 for a plastic iPhone 5

    • joseph

      which is probably why the cheap in iphone 5C is referring to the price on a contract

  • Jim

    Just watching the event via Apple TV. … There is a guy in the audience with a VERY prominent beard that is hard to miss.