Hands on with the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

After Apple’s iPhone event ended this morning, I had a chance to spend a few minutes with the two new phones and wanted to post some thoughts.

The iPhone 5C is a gorgeous looking phone, no matter what color you choose. They all feel very rugged in their construction, so you can put any thoughts of a cheap iPhone out of your mind right now. Perhaps it’s the reinforcement that Apple put inside the plastic casing or the build of the casing itself—whatever it is, the 5C is a solid phone.

iPhone 5C2

In terms of the front screen looks and functionality, the iPhone 5C is much like the iPhone 5. However, it is a bit thicker than the iPhone 5 and the edges are more rounded than the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5C side

I honestly wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the gold iPhone 5S, but I think it’s the one I would buy. Typical of Apple, it’s a gorgeous looking phone.

I went through the process of adding my fingerprint to the 5S and then unlocking the phone using the fingerprint. It’s pretty seamless to do, just following the onscreen instructions.

All iPhones

Unlocking the iPhone 5S was very slick—just rest your finger on the Home button and the phone unlocks immediately. You don’t have to press or move your finger around waiting for it to be recognized—it just worked.

Obviously, I wasn’t able to try the camera and bring those pictures with me, but I can save that for when the phones are released and try it then.

Overall, a great event for Apple and some great product releases.

  • Adriano Geletes

    I love the new iPhones! They are great! Absolutely great and think they will a lot of the new iPhone 5S with this cool fingerprint sensor and esp. with color “Gold”. Sales for the iPhone 5S will be off the charts. BUT I believe Apple is making a big mistake with the iPhone 5C and selling it for 599€ off contract. That is way to much for a phone which purpose was to be a cheaper version of the iPhone 5S. 599€ is too high. They could set new record sales with the iPhone 5C, but the price is going to ruin this! Is not the phone, is not iOS7, but it’s going to be the price of this phone for being not a successor as it actually could be.

    • Mother Hydra

      Wrong. The 5C isn’t supposed to be a cheaper version of the 5S. You missed the part where Apple went out of their way to say the 5C was a refresh of the iPhone 5 internals with some tweaks thrown in.

    • Mother Hydra

      WRONG. Apple stated during the event that this phone (5C) is internally similar to the iphone 5 hardware with some tweaks/refreshes thrown in. It is not a cheaper version of the 5S as you mistakenly seem to think.

      • Jon

        lol whatever….its a 5 with a plastic case

        • Idon’t Know

          You did not read the article you are commenting on.

        • Megan Yang

          exactly hahahah fucking plastic cheap ass shit all happens when steve jobs passed. Dammit

      • Adriano Geletes

        I think you clearly missed the fact, that the market was expecting something cheaper! Go and look at all the other comments like theverge, arstechnica, macrumors etc. and you will find out, that this is a only mistake that Apple made with the iPhone 5C, because this is what people are complaining about. I didn’t complain about anything of the phone itself, just about the price point, esp. for all the emerging markets like China, India, Russia, Brazil and most east-european countries. What is the point of buying an iPhone 5C if I can get a thinner 5S with fingerprint, with a new M7 and an overwhelming 64-bit A7, a much better camera with dual-flash and full aluminum enclosure etc. for just 100€ more!? This is insane! Apple is going to change this within the next weeks, same reaction that has been seen with the first gen. of MacBook Pro Retinas (cut-off 100-200€).

        P.S. As Jon mentioned it: “It’s plastic!”

        • Moeskido

          That’s not “the market.” That’s the tech press, which represents the entire smartphone market the same way that a custom-built Wintel tower represents the entire desktop computer market.

          • Adriano Geletes

            Please do me a favor and check out these links below before telling me what “the market” wants. The global market for “cheaper” phones (NOT cheap phones” is around 300$ off contract. If Apple wants to compete within the 300$ range, they could have offered the iPhone 5C for 429-479$, which is still higher than the average 300$ cheaper smartphone, but people would pay that money because it’s Apple. I believe they are going to lower the entry price for the 5C. They did it before with the iPad mini and they can do it again.

            And please stop comparing the iPod mini with all the other shitty MP3 players at that time. Apple was ahead of every tech maker with their iPods.




          • Space Gorilla

            Apple will eventually go non-subsidy with the iPhone (under $300 I think), but obviously they’ve decided not to this time around. Given Apple’s track record I’m confident they know what they’re doing.

          • I think this is exactly right. One step at a time.

          • Moeskido

            When did I mention the mini? Or were you listening to the voices in your head?

            “If Apple wants to compete within the 300$ range…”

            It doesn’t. You’re trying to drag Apple into a bracket it doesn’t want to be in. Apple’s taking its time, carving out its own niche, and doing fairly well without advice from anyone who wants the company to create cheap commodity crap that competes with cheap commodity crap.

            But thank you for saying “please.”

          • Adriano Geletes

            So now you’re absolutely unfair: Where did I mention Apple wants to create cheap commodity crap? Now you were listening to the voices in your head!?

            With the iPod mini, I was referring to some other guy.

            Nevertheless you clearly missed all my points!

          • Moeskido

            No, I simply ignored the links you provided. Written by tech columnists who quote stock analysts (all of whom arrive at a “consensus” by believing they constitute something other than a chorus of parrots), all of whom have always believed they know how best to run Apple.

            Anyone with a memory longer than three fiscal quarters can recall how accurate they’ve been in the past at giving advice to a company they’ve never been able to understand. Thanks for trying.

          • studuncan

            Gonna have to use that line: “Stock analysts arrive at a ‘consensus’ by believing they constitute something other than a chorus of parrots.”

          • lkalliance

            The same narratives existed with the iPod. Paraphrased: “Apple makes expensive products that do less than the competition.” I think the mini is an apt comparison. There were plenty of people — overrepresented in tech communities — who felt that Apple’s product was inferior.

            This is actually a very very interesting time. That hockey-stick development curve is flattening out; at least that’s what I infer is Apple’s take on it. Perhaps Apple feels that the “quick” part of the touch-phone’s development is over, and that for its part the iPhone 5 with iOS 7 is that point where further improvement is just working around the edges. That’s the signal I get now: the iPhone 5 (rebranded as the 5C) is the mass-market phone that can be everything most people need; its evolution is now mostly of polish. It will continue to get last year’s tech at the mid-tier price with more visual and stylistic differentiators. The 5S is an incremental, adding-on-at-the-edges product. It adds the print sensor. It improves the camera. It’s faster. I expect the same will be true of next year’s, and the year’s after that.

            Apple is suggesting (or, again, I’m inferring), that the iPhone has reached the plateau the iPod reached a few years ago. The current iPod nano is the best non-iPod Touch iPod that Apple has ever made. But it’s really not that much different than the few iterations before it. It’s the absolutely most rock-solid expression of Apple’s vision of the iPod. In a few years, we’ll be at that same point with the iPhone, but it will be a few years of just marginal additions. Useful, but marginal. Until the vision becomes whole in all the details. I would say the same of the iMac, and perhaps the Macbook.

            In the meantime, Apple may be working on its next innovation, by which I mean the next paradigm-defining product. That’s the innovation Apple strives for, not bigger screens or fingerprint sensors. These aren’t innovative, they are evolutionary, which Apple does very very well. Several companies do that well. So Android device makers were first to market with some of these…that doesn’t matter. It’s all just evolution, driven by everybody and not just Apple. But whatever the next true innovation is, wherever it comes from, it will be completely different from what came before.

          • Adriano Geletes

            I absolutely agree with you, except for two to three things! I think the next big thing has started yesterday with the A7 64-bit chip (and it’s co-processor M7), iOS 7 (running 32-/64-bit) and the fingerprint sensor – which is to my mind innovation at its best – different from the screen size, which I am not that interested at all (nice to have it, but that’s all – everyone can make a bigger screen size). Think of the finger print sensor as a way to pay at stores, open and start your car, get access to your home or labs at your work/university etc. That is absolutely amazing (cooperations with a lot of car makers already in the works). But the real innovation is how you implement these things in an ecosystem that it’s working flawlessly – and this is what I am expecting Apple is going to show us with the next releases of iOS 8/9/10 (the evolutionary steps you are referring to). iOS7 and the new 64-bit architecture is the beginning of a new software era for mobile devices (you call it evolution, which might be the right term, but to me it is a bit more than just a step forward). And I truly believe – same as you – that Apple is working on some groundbreaking things.

            I think I will skip the iPhone 5S, my iPhone 5 with iOS7 works perfect and fits all my work needs. But I definitely will get the iPhone 6!!!

            That said: Why is no one talking/discussing the new iOS architecture, the ways how we could use the fingerprint sensor to or why the M7 is an indication of something like an iWatch/iWrist or whatever it is called. Is Apple going to implement the fingerprint sensor in the next gen. iPads? Will there be soon an API for developers to access the fingerprint sensor? HOPEFULLY – so many ideas how and what for we could use it!

          • lkalliance

            What you’re describing with the fingerprint sensor and its potential utility will be interesting to see. Will it enable things that we can’t do now? I could have a key fob in my pocket that automatically unlocks my doors and lets me push-button-start my car. Does it make that kind of functionality more widespread available to the mass market (that would be the very definition of innovation, actually).

            I believe in the two-year upgrade cycle, and now that I think of it I’ve followed it since the first iPhone:

            Got the original iPhone Skipped the 3G Got the 3GS Skipped the 4 Got the 4S Skipped the 5

            …leaning towards getting one of the two announced yesterday, which for me represents a step forward from the 4S instead of the 5. I like that trajecotry: I feel as if I get the more refined product. The 4S was the 4…but optimized. The 5S or 5C will be the 5…but optimized.

            Or, what I guess I mean to say, is that I would be in the same boat as you if I had the iPhone 5: I’d wait another year.

            Come to think of it, the same was true of Leopard-Snow Leopard, and Lion-Mountain Lion. OMG, I’m no longer an early adopter!!!!

            I had not thought of the M7 as something connected with the (ugh, I hate the term) iWatch, if such a thing exists. If it DOES exist then it’s not going to be a “tiny touch-phone on a wrist” like the Samsung Gear appears to be. Rather, if it IS like that, THEN I’ll be disappointed. But the M7…if like they say (and I have no reason to believe that Apple is lying) it’s a very low-power way to get at the data…I wonder what it will be used for and what devices?

            As for allowing third-party apps to access the fingerprint sensor…if it’s like the past then I’d expect that in iOS 8, just like apps weren’t even allowed until iPhone OS 2. Apple will get it right.

            LOL, you’ll get the iPhone 6…while I eagerly watch the unveiling as a preview of my iPhone 6S!


          • Adriano Geletes

            I hope you choose the iPhone 5S 🙂 It’s worth every penny. Will come back when I have the iPhone 6 – the sooner the better 🙂

          • lkalliance

            Actually my gut tells me to grab the extra storage and just get the 5C…but it’s really going to depend on my hands-on impression when it gets to the Apple Store. I’m guessing I’ll change my mind about three or four times until then, lol!

            Each time a new iPhone comes out in a year I’m going to upgrade, I say to myself: “I will wait for a couple of months and see the reviews…”

            …and then I end up purchasing one on day one, lol.

          • imthedude

            My dad, who believe me is not the “tech press” nor a real techie person said to me, “What the hell? For $100 why would anyone buy the device with the compromised experience?”

            He’s exactly right. There’s not enough price separation, and the 5C is going to sell badly because of it. There’s no market it really serves, for the effort it took to make it.

          • What’s compromised about the 5c? If it has iPhone 5 internals (which it does), then what’s the problem?

          • Moeskido

            I’m curious. Did your dad feel the same way about the lower-priced models last year or the year before?

          • Idon’t Know

            I’m curious why anyone cares what his dad thinks.

          • lkalliance

            I look at it slightly differently. For the same $200 price point, I can get last year’s model with 32GB of memory, or this year’s model with 16GB of memory. Leaving aside the colors thing, it’s a value comparison. Which is worth more to me, the extra memory or the package of improved camera and chip and the added fingerprint sensor?

            (The casing does factor in too. Aside from the colors, perhaps I would like the plastic casing instead: a little more rugged, perhaps? A little less likely to slip out of my hand? I’ll have to handle them at the local Apple Store to get a feel for that. But there may be reasons to prefer the 5C case to the 5S, depending on your taste and priorities.)

            ADDED: I’m also upgrading (if I choose to upgrade) from a 4S…the 5C is a better phone, better camera, better wifi (it can do AirDrop, the 4S can’t)…it’s still a significant upgrade. And I can get it for subsidized price, which I couldn’t last year.

          • Space Gorilla

            Your dad is incorrect. The 5C is not a compromised experience. The 5S is simply an even better experience. But there is nothing wrong with the 5C, it’s a great device. The 5S just happens to be incredible. So your choice is between great and incredible. The 5C is going to sell very, very well. The entry level $99 on contract model is perfect for kids.

          • “What the hell? For $100 why would anyone buy the device with the compromised experience?”

            Your Dad clearly never heard of Android.

          • Idon’t Know

            Your dad is wrong and so are you. $100 is a lot of money to a lot of people. Also a lot of people like the colors. The iPhone 5c will sell extremely well.

        • lkalliance

          Same thing happened with the iPod Mini. Apple’s price point was “too high”…and it went on to become its biggest seller (at the time).

          The color case will be a selling point for many people, not a compromise.For such people the argument will be that they can save $100, give up stuff they didn’t care about anyway, and get a great phone with a custom color.

          There are differences between this and the iPod Mini, though: the iPod Mini was early in the iPod’s evolutionary cycle, in a market where Apple had almost all the market- and mind-share. That is not the case for the iPhone 5C. But the technology is now mature enough that these are exactly the kind of differentiators that matter.

        • You will always be disappointed if you expect truth from rumour sites.

          • Adriano Geletes

            Please explain!

          • What explanation do you need? You included two examples. Rumour sites simply cannot be trusted; if you expect what they “print” you will be disappointed each and every time.

          • Adriano Geletes

            Again: What are you referring to? I wan’t quoting any rumors of any rumor site. So what are you talking about?

          • abdoradus

            The web sites you linked to don’t represent the market. Those guys expected a cheaper phone and now berate Apple for not making it, but neither has Apple ever promised it nor is there any evidence for the market demanding it.

            The truth is, there is no such thing as a phone market in the US as phones aren’t bought as standalone products. They come bundled with two-year contacts. That’s why there is zero incentive to make the iPhone cheaper. The cheapest model is already free in the perception of the US consumer.

          • Adriano Geletes

            I was talking about the emerging markets: China, India, Russia, Brazil, East-European Markets etc. In most of these countries you buy an iPhone off-contract! “They come bundled with two-year contacts. That’s why there is zero incentive to make the iPhone cheaper.” So you mean Apple has no intention to sell an iPhone outside the US?

          • abdoradus

            I’m sure Tim Cook knows about these markets. It’s a tradeoff, obviously. Apple earns a lot on these on-contract US phones. Is selling more phones in emerging markets really worth giving up a big chunk of those US profits to the network carriers? At the moment the answer is apparently no.

          • Adriano Geletes

            Sure, this could be one reason! Another could be that they are going to sell millions with these models, because of license deals with China Mobile and the Japanese carriers (starting today). So they are waiting for the first pre-order numbers with their new license carriers. Nonetheless they will sell a ton of iPhones (both C/S). I am excited what their market share will be, their profits and what they will do to sell more iPhones (lowering the price in the emerging markets is one way).

  • The new camera features look awesome. Slowing down video in the middle of a shot? They had me at 120fps haha.

    I think the speed is what has me the most excited, though. Coming from an iPhone 4, which is like a lumbering old dinosaur in iOS 6 (that chart they showed comparing the different iPhone speeds was very illuminating – the 4 is more like a 3GS that a 4S), a 64-bit A7 chip that’s twice as fast as the iPhone 5 alone will no doubt blow my socks off. Can’t wait.

  • Mike

    Call me boring but I want the Space Gray. A 64GB version of the 64 Bit equipped 5S.

    • Moeskido

      Not boring at all; it’s the only one with a black front bezel. That’s the one I’d want.

  • Liberty

    For your review, how do you protect against someone forcing you to unlock the phone by pressing your thumb against the device?

    • Admiral

      How wold you prevent someone from forcing you to enter your lock code? I heard this was done because 90% of people never bother to put a lock code on their phones.

      • I agree. A physical threat is a physical threat regardless of whether you have a passcode or a finger print scan in place. The finger print scan is to encourage more people (present company included) to at least add a layer of security to their phone in case it’s lost or stolen.

    • Adriano Geletes

      How would you protect against someone cutting of your thumb or forcing you to type in your code?

    • Kip Beatty

      I’d recommend a .45, but Jim’s bead alone may be enough of a deterrent.

    • JDSoCal

      How do you protect against someone forcing you to hand over your wallet? Ideally, a Glock.

    • Idon’t Know


  • Kip Beatty

    Very intrigued about the upgrades to the camera in the 5S. With the new dual flash and the upgraded processing ability, might we finally be able to take decent low light pictures of moving subjects like children? The slow motion video looks very cool, but if the’ve cracked the low light issue that plagues all smart phone cameras, I’m sold.

  • Dmitri

    Glad to see a “hands on” with actual hands in it. I’m sure that wasn’t by accident. 🙂

  • Will

    From the live blogs I’ve seen and watching everything on the Apple site since this was a really really good event. Can’t believe the 5S is 64-bit. Apple have gone all out.

    However seeing the price of the 5C on the Apple site for the first time I literally cannot believe it. I think the price of the 5C is the one big (majorly huge) fuck up.

    I expected the 5S and 5C price being around a 2:1 ratio, give or take a bit on the upside. On the Apple Store UK the 5S is £549 and the 5C is £469. £80 difference, I believe it’s even smaller on the US store.

    For such a minute increase in price (given the price margin they’re in) what is the point of the 5C? I genuinely expected the 5C to be the first iPhone that all people could happily afford, that parents could actually get for their kids who’d love it, priced alongside high quality cheaper phones like the Nexus 4. Instead it’s priced a minuscule amount below the 5S, but missing a ton of the features and with only a coloured case to show for it. That price is failure all over. But only the price.

    • Dmitri

      I hear you. AND… That is exactly what people said when the iPod mini was released. It was too much money compared to the “full on” iPod.

      What we all failed to miss at the time was how compelling the form factor, combined with a slightly lower price, would be.

      I also expected the 5C to be cheaper (like $450?). But it’s possible Apple knows what they are doing..

      • Space Gorilla

        Yes, I get a kick out of people who think they know better than Apple. If you do then go start your own massively successful tech company 🙂

    • Space Gorilla

      On contract the price is very attractive, $99. Apple obviously isn’t going non-subsidy yet, and I’m going to assume they know what they’re doing better than you or I do. I expected the iPhone 5C to be their first non-subsidy iPhone, priced to match the current iPod Touch. I expect that will happen eventually, but obviously not this time around.

    • The difference in $100 to a parent buying a phone for their kid is a lot and the fact that these phones are still top of the line and in bright colours makes them more appealing to the kids in the first place. Apple knew what they were doing.

    • joseph

      i believe the cheap part of the phone is when you are buying it on a contract, as a 32G iphone 5C is the same price as a 16G iphone 5S, $199

    • Can’t believe the 5S is 64-bit. Apple have gone all out.

      It is kind of boggling. I admit I never gave the fingerprint sensor a chance in Hell of being real either…

  • lkalliance

    I have my trusty 4S, which I’m happy with and should run iOS 7 fine, but spending a couple hundred dollars on a new phone is a gift I give myself every couple of years, so I was very interested in the event today.

    Every time Apple refreshes the lineup, I think the same thing: “I’m sure the [brand new phone] will have really good stuff in it, but I’ll just save some money and get the [last year’s model that’s still a year younger than mine] instead.”

    Then I talk myself into the new model, lol.

    But this year I’m not sure. I now look at it not as staying ahead of the curve, but rather just being happy to have it for two years. I thought the 5 was a wonderful phone, but not so much so that it made me want to ditch my 4S. Oddly enough I think the 5C at the $199 price point (getting me an extra 16GB) might just hit the spot. I don’t look at the 5S with lust, frankly, though I recognize it as a fantastic computer (I’m going to stop calling them phones, lol).

  • JDSoCal

    The fingerprint feature alone is enough for me to upgrade – I hate typing my PIN in.

  • joseph

    ive had ipods since theyve came out, as iphones dont seem all that great to buy. this event has made me realize that i was wrong. so ready to buy an iphone 5S, the gold one!

  • Moeskido

    One funny thing I noticed from the event video. This might be the first time Apple has ever actually encouraged users to put a case on an iPhone.

  • Sebastian Paul

    I like both new iPhones and understand that the iPhone 5C was never meant as a low-cost iPhone, but as a way to be able to market the iPhone 5 again with some benefits like colorful case AND also – a lower price.

    And i also understand that the increased price in the EU is most likely due to the uncertain fate of the Euro (although the exchange rate $ – € is actually a bit better than 12 months ago, but Apple plans for the future) and maybe also due to increased costs in the EU (all those consumer groups suing Apple because customers are to lazy to understand the differences between “Garantie” and “Gesetzliche Gewährleistung”).

    But unless you really need to own a colorful iPhone (instead of getting an iPhone 5S + case), you’d be stupid to get the cheaper 5C instead of the 5S.

    The difference is only 100€ and you’ll save that money by not having to type in unlock passwords and iTunes passwords again.

    Saving 2 seconds every time you unlock your iPhone and 5 seconds every time you purchase something in iTunes/Appstore will add up over two to three years.

    Less hassle, more security (not using a passcode at all could also cost you money and time).

    Unlock your phone 30 times a day (some will unlock it more often, some a bit less) and you save a minute per day, buy something from the Appstore or iTunes every 3 days and you save about a minute per month.

    More than six hours saved per year, on a device you’ll use for two to three years (maybe even longer).

    And that’s only with the stuff the Touch ID can be used for NOW, I expect iOS 8 (or maybe 7.1) to add much more.

  • Jens

    I hate to say it, but this phone is a ripoff. Here in Europe its 599 Euro. Thats 800 US Dollar.

    They took the iPhone 5 internals and gave it cheaper materials and sell it for the same price that they would sell the 1 old iPhone 5 now. Nice way to increase your margins, Apple.

    No one was expecting a cheap phone. Apple would never go for the 300 Euro market. But there is a demand for a Phone, that peope could justifiy buying unsubsidized and off contract. 400 to 450€ and I would buy one for my mother in a heartbeat.

    Im sure they will sell a ton of iPhone 5Cs and make a ton of money. But I am really disappointed by the missed potential and would really feel ripped off buying one of these. Which I know I dont have to, and therefore I wont. Thats the point.

    • Sebastian Paul

      Value Added Tax (Mehrwertsteuer), more expensive marketing und localization and also more expensive consumer rights.

      Unless an iPhone explodes the minute you first turn it on after purchase in an Apple store – the only thing that really forces Apple to replace faulty units is the one year of warranty they give.

      In the EU, consumer laws state that sellers have to replace/repair faulty products for two years, if the consumer can prove, that the fault is due to manufacturing defects.

      That’s of course not always possible, but for example shouldn’t be a problem with the home button of the iPhone 4.

      • Jens

        Dont even go there. Nothing justifies a 30 percent higher pricing. I dont know any other electric consumer company that has a higher euro than dollar price.

  • StruckPaper

    “Unapologetically plastic.” That’s what Apple said. What they really meant was, “unapologetically, we refuse to release a cheap iPhone just because analysts want one.”

  • Frank “Grayhawk” Huminski

    My question is this: With the fingerprint recognition, will it be able to recognize multiple fingerprints? If I want my wife or kid to be able to access the phone, can I have it recognize their fingerprint as well? More of a curiosity thing.

    • Adriano Geletes

      It recognizes up to 5 fingers. This fingerprint sensor is going to change a lot and is absolutely innovation. A lot of other tech companies will implement the sensor the same way Apple did with the iPhone 5S.

      • Moto Atrix had the sensor 2 years ago. It isn’t anything innovative; the hardware process seems it may be but not the concept.

        • Adriano Geletes

          Could you please stop referring it to the Moto Atrix? It’s not the same sensor, it is implemented in a different way, and I was speaking more of how this sensor will change the way people will use their iPhones in the near future. I didn’t say Apple is the first company with a fingerprint sensor neither was the Moto Atrix (another shitty android phone that didn’t change anything): http://www.slashgear.com/fujitsu-f-01a-mobile-phone-enables-fingerprint-sensor-security-1931090/

          And yes, Apple is going to unveil innovative ways of how to use it with iOS software updates (iOS 8/9/10) and different other Apple devices.

          • That’s my first reference to the Atrix. I’m not saying they are the same sensor by any means.

            I also don’t count innovation based on future possibilities.

  • Can we just take a minute to talk about the ugliness of the hole pattern on the 5C’s case?

    I think it’s clever to have a case in a variety of colours that makes seeing the colourful plastic back of the phone a feature, but that pattern has the effect (to my eyes) of making the phone look fatter, wider. The pattern could have been a lot more playful and aesthetically in tune with the shape of the phone, I think.

    And what’s with the text being partially obscured? They should have either covered the text completely or shown it completely.

    Love the look of the iPhone 5C, but the cases miss the mark, I think.

    • Moeskido

      I’m waiting to see one in person before I judge, but yes… it looks like something that they didn’t give enough consideration to. Which is surprising.

      • I was shocked at that myself. They are normally so calculated but this is a clear misstep; albeit a super-small one.

  • sachin

    I am going to buy iPhone 5s…. Love both phones and Apple’s approach…. Some people might get disappointed for the 5c Price.. but this is iPhone 5.. in a Polycarbonate coat with improved facetime & Battery…

    I think this is the right direction for “not adding features for features sake”

    P.S. Awesome 120fps & iWork free

    Love Apple.. Always have .. Always will

  • Megan Yang

    honestly fuck the stupid iphone 5 c. its fo cheap ass people who think they got money. Ever since fucking Steve Jobs died, Apple has been losing billions on the stock. well gee wonder why, FUCKING PLASTICK ASS phone with fake poisonus paint from china yeah fuck you apple