Every Netflix TV series sorted by IMDB ranking

This page sorts all TV shows available to stream on Netflix, sorted according to IMDB rank. A nice alternative to Netflix’s own rating system, this list is hand curated by http://suggestashow.com, so be sure to click the Suggest a Show link on the IMDB page if your favorite show is missing.

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  • Jack
  • Tom

    Hand curated by whom? HTML shows a link there, but no name.

    • Dave Mark

      Fixed. Hand curated by the Suggest A Show folks. The link is on the IMDB page.

  • franksspam

    These aren’t Netflix shows. Ray Donavan is on the list and it is not available via Netflix. Same with Magic City, Hawaii Five-O, etc.

    • Dave Mark

      Interesting. I am not seeing Ray Donovan when I click on the link, only Netflix available shows. Try again? Also, note that you have different sort options. You’ll want to sort by IMDb rating, though that still shouldn’t let Ray Donovan on the list. And also also, Ray Donovan is a great show! 🙂

      • franksspam

        When I click the link now an entirely different page loads and it no longer shows Ray Donovan.

  • trex67

    Many of my faves listed – Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, Firefly, Freaks and Geeks, Breaking Bad, X-Files, Fawlty Towers, Battlestar Galactica. BtVS comes in at 60, kind of surprising. The Wire, of course, not on Netflix.

  • Everyone who likes funny should watch Party Down. It was short lived, but hilarious. http://suggestashow.com/shows-like/Party+Down