Galaxy Gear

It seems unimaginative to me. I don’t know, I just expected more.

  • Shaun McGill

    What exactly is the point of this? It does nothing to push forward wearable technology, it duplicates much of what is already available on a Galaxy phone and yet it is described as a companion to it. It has a 1 day battery life, a 1.9 megapixel camera in the strap and it’s ugly.

    This feels like a device that has been made as a pre-emptive strike and I can’t see a single redeeming feature in it that makes it worth the $299 price tag. If Apple is making a smart watch, it had better (probably will) be a good deal more interesting than this one. Is it just me?

    • Canucker

      Samsung has created a whole new category, the dumba$$ watch.

      • lucascott

        Actually they didn’t. As was pointed out over on TUAW this is just a copy of the Nano. Well really an attempt to merge the iPad Nano and Pebble.

    • Julian

      I think so, too. But I must say that this is way better than the Sony SW2

    • Much like all of the slates announced/demoed at CES 2010 before the iPad was announced, this phone feels very much in the same vein.

    • matthewmaurice

      What’s the point of a lot of Samsung’s products? On Mac Break Weekly, Andy Ihnatko made a great, albeit facetious, point about Samsung doing a 5.85″ inch phone because they already had an 6.1″ device but it doesn’t fit in the pocket of the new Banana Republic pants. I think that deep down Samsung has embraced the strategy of “if you can’t make good devices, make LOTS of devices.”

      • Shaun McGill

        I heard that too. To be fair, the Galaxy S3 was a good phone and the new tablets are quite good, but there does seem to be a ‘stick any old rubbish in and hope that some bits stick’ mentality.

        • Yehat

          And thats only part of that mentality. Another part is the lifecycle support of their products – from their first device to the last they are not interested in providing quality support – updates etc. are matter that is simply ignored. As one representative mentioned after complains from my side – “if you don’t like your 1y old device – sell it and buy the new model.”

  • Canucker

    Like a battery life that extended more than a few hours?

    This will make Surface sales look good.

  • Wayner83

    The battery life and the need to have a Galaxy product will kill the mass appeal of this. Granted, the Apple Watch (if there is one) will probably only work with iOS, but the amount of people with an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch dwarfs that of the Galaxy market that has BT 4.0 equipped.

  • Techpm

    A watch that you have to charge every day is just a silly distraction, nothing more.

    • Sebastian Paul

      It’s not a watch, it’s something else, but in the form of a watch. Just like smartphones, which focus more on “smart”, with “phone” just another app, smartwatches will also focus on “smart” and have the “watch” running only as an app.

      When people bough their first iPhone, after using Nokia cellphones with a week or more of battery life, some people didn’t understand that iPhones were something different, not a continuation of the cellphone-category, but instead a wearable computer with the phone running as just another app.

      They wanted their 7 day battery life back – but after a few years, they finally got it and adapted.

      At first people will complain when their smartwatches have only a few days of battery life – but with time, they will understand and adapt.

      But – and now back to the Galaxy Gear – boy is that thing ugly and meh! Like the “old” Pebble + a camera – but nothing that is really WOW!

  • Colin

    Talk about burying the lede. Literally the very last line about the thing is the most important: “you need a samsung phone to actually make calls; this just sits on your wrist”

  • gjgustav

    Yep – huge, worthless battery life. This just shows what they can do when they don’t have Apple for “inspiration.”

  • Herding_sheep

    You expected more? Personally, this is exactly what I expected. Something so utterly uninspired, so poorly executed, and rushed to market. Yep, true innovators right there /s

    Goes to show just what Samsung is capable of when they venture into new territory with a market that hasn’t been established and fully-realized yet. Samsung just doesn’t have the thoughtfulness and rigorous questioning in them to do something like that. They don’t establish new paradigms, they follow them and follow fast.

    This product will highlight just how much Samsung will reverse course after they see what Apples vision of a wrist-device (not a smartwatch) really should be. Even this pathetic product, its still borrowing interface elements from the previous gen iPod Nano. The single app icon on-screen at a time and the music controls interface are both lifted right from the iPod Nano.

    • Sebastian Paul

      And when Samsung does a 180 degree turn on design and features after the iWatch is released, all the Samsung fanboys will shout “You can’t patent rounded corners and there’s no other way to design a smartwatch!”

      • richardmac

        Yes – all three of them.

  • Adriano Geletes

    Why did you expect more? What did you expect exactly?

    I think the Gear was Samsung plans since they have heard the rumors about an iWatch. Release a watch before Apple, wait till Apple is going to release their smartwatch, copy that with the Gear 2.0, but then no one can accuse Samsung copying Apple because they were first with a “smart”watch.

    • Yehat

      Exactly. Samsung is obsessed to rush before Apple, even if they can’t see where Apple is. It’s the mentality of “revenge” against a customer who dropped them off. The beginning of the story where a supplier unceremonously robbed its customer is already out of their brains – they must “prove” who is the best now! Duh.

  • Mother Hydra

    Not sure what I expected but I too thought this was an underwhelming release. Granted they have no one else to “inform” their design. Too plastic-y on the galaxy note side, to bulky on the watch side.

    Failure Synopsis: crummy as a watch crummy battery unattractive design to most (all?) ecosystem lock-in (cant make phones without a galaxy) strange functionality (camera on side, only 10 secs video record)

  • If you expected more, you’re probably going to be disappointed in whatever Apple finally releases (other than the battery life). This thing appears to do quite a bit more than any reasonable person should expect a watch to do. I mean really, what do you really need Evernote on a watch for?

    That being said, not only is the battery life of this watch utterly craptacular, but it’s going to drain your Galaxy phone’s battery faster as well, due to the constantly on bluetooth. A 1 day battery life spec probably equates to about 6 hours in the real world.

    And a 2MP camera? Why is a camera even necessary when you have a much better one on the phone anyway?

    If I had to bet, I would put money on Apple’s watch to have iTunes/Podcasts control, perhaps photo slideshow, calendar, text and email notifications, and Siri. That’s about it. And of course, it’ll look a whole lot better than this clunky piece of monkey shit.

  • tylernol

    you’d think after copying apple for so long, Samsung would have learned a thing or two about product design.

  • Rich Stamper

    I just love this quote from Grobart on Bloomberg TV: “If this watch doesn’t work, Samsung will re-jigger it incredibly quickly and come up with something that does.”

    • lucascott

      You mean after Apple announces one?

  • sachin

    I am amazed by the worst possible ergonomic positioning of camera…

  • sachin

    How can you even imagine to launch a product like a Watch with a single day battery life.. aren’t we already fred upi by charging our phone every night

  • richardmac

    This is what happens when Samsung has no one to copy.

  • DanielSw

    With Samsung’s penchant for copying, this thing looks like a hasty copy of an old Fossil watch which was designed by Philippe Starck. But the exposed screw heads (Who would use slot-head screws on a techno product?) totally ruined any classiness the look it might have had. It just LOOKS cheap, as in “inept” and “un-caring.” I also think the Samsung CEO who can barely speak English is quite pretentious in expecting to be able to somehow “copy” Steve. That certainly didn’t work out for Ballmer, either.