Apple announces special event for September 10

Apple on Tuesday sent out invites for a special event to be held on September 10, 2013 at the company’s Cupertino, Calif. headquarters. According to the invitation I received today, the event will start at 10:00 am PT.

It is widely expected that Apple will introduce a new iPhone at the event.



    • Moeskido

      “The suggestion of a bokeh background tells us that Apple is actually relocating its headquarters to Boca Raton, Florida.”

      • donebylee

        No, no, no it means that Roy Lichtenstein is being resurrected and given Jony Ives’ old job. Bring on the benday dots.

        • Moeskido

          No, wait! it’s Tiddlywinks!

          Poker chips!

          Necco-flavored communion wafers!

          • James Hughes


          • Christopher Hopper


            Oooo, maybe they’re overly stylized ticks.

    • The colored dots mean that at the event, Apple will be handing out PB&J sandwiches on Wonder Bread.

      • bunnny

        Naah @Shawn, the following colored dots mean…Bring your own pajamas coz it’s gonna be a lot or sleep 😀

        • AdamC

          Your nick suits you.

    • Don’t need one.

      Colored circles – iPhone 5C colors (we already knew that)

      Circles – Home button theme

      Silver-ringed “white” circle – iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner/detector home button thingy (matches Clayton Morris’s reporting).


      Sure, you can draw “5S” when you “turn the invite over” like some have, but I’ll save that for the experts.

      • That’s Kremlinology.

        • Only if it’s complicated, I thought. This one’s more like connecting the dots then solving any big cryptographs or even riddles.

      • Guest

        He meant you

  • Robert Hunt

    Marco Arment said it best:

    “[Apple] could release a revolutionary 60-inch 4K TV for $99 with built-in nanobots to assemble and dispense free smartwatches, and people would complain that it should cost $49 and the nanobots aren’t open enough.”

  • fluidpusher

    No black or champagne “dots”? OMG! Those are colored home button shapes!

    • fluidpusher

      or are those tiny Venn diagrams?

    • fgnnfsndgksdjfgnsldkfjn

      those circles are RACIST!

      • Mr. Hand

        Why are you being so sexist?

  • Looking forward to seeing the spec and price of the new ‘plastic’ / cheaper iPhones. I think they want to flood the market with them and get iOS into people’s hands which could only currently afford an Android smartphone.

    I think this will work.

    • rgerg

      i dont think apple wants to “flood” the market with cheap phones. its not their style. iphone 5C will be more like the ipad mini. it’s king of the midrange and priced accordingly.

      • OK. Let me re-phrase that : “Why are so many people buying Android phones!??”

        “They’re cheaper”

        “OK, let’s make an iPhone from cheaper materials!”



        4: Profit.


  • iDay

    The event will be to show that T. Cook has changed to be straight.

    • RMillward

      You did SEE the invitation, didn’t you…? No “straight man” approved THAT background, girlfriend.

  • dhmspector

    Hmmm… I count 9 colors there (not including ones that are shades in the “venn” sections of the circle intersections)… so 9 iPhone 5c colors + white I guess…

    • fluidpusher

      You are correct!

      • geevanlal

        You win a pink iPhone !!!

    • Josh

      I count 14 different colors if you count the white with grey outline circles as a single color. There are 3 distinct reddish colors, 3 distinct blues, 2 distinct greens, 2 distinct purples, 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 grey (behind the top of the apple logo, and 1 white with grey outline.

      • Blake Hill

        If you’re on a Mac, use the digitalcolor meter utility built in to see there are 17 different hues, not including the white.

  • Chris Hauk

    ‘This should brighten everyone’s day” Clearly indicates the new iPhone 5S will be made entirely of light beams. #AppleInvitationAnalysis

    • fluidpusher


    • Don’t be silly. Clearly, it’s a subtle clue. You see, bright is associated with light. What they’re actually telling you is the iPhone 5S will be made out a revolutionary new material, rumoured to be carbon nanotubes weaved around an incredibly new alloy.

      Or maybe the LED is 25% brighter. Hard to tell.

      • Chris Hauk

        I stand corrected sir! (Not to be misleading, I am currently in a seated position…)

  • Ethan

    Bingo!!! oh wait sorry I thought these were bingo chips…

  • novybajwa

    such an idiot i tell u, they bought skype for 8.5 billion dollar and nokia for 7.17 billon but i bought skype for free and nokia for just 1400 INR

    • TSMFOG


    • Mats

      They didn’t buy Nokia.

    • Jocko

      I wonder who’s the idiot? 🙂

      • novybajwa

        sorry !!i commented on wrong page

    • Krishna

      Microsoft could have built a better software than Skype. 🙂 Microsoft bought Skype’s network rather users not skype software

  • Guest

    Question Jim, when you give a “Yep” for one of these events, do you already have your flight and hotel booked and laugh and laugh and laugh as you watch the prices skyrocket?

  • Apple Lick

    Think the red purple blue green yellow blue circles on right of apple logo intentionally make a number 7 shape for ios7?

    • i dont see that one but i do see a 7 to the left of the apple logo.

    • Mother Hydra

      OK you two, put the sharpie caps back on.

  • Space Gorilla

    Obviously, iPhones in a range of colors, but “brighten everyone’s day” could also be a nod to a lower price point than we expect, as in “Hey, all you folks suffering with cheap Android phones, this will brighten your day.”

  • Odi Kosmatos

    The grey circles with white interiors remind me of a watch.

    • Maybe next year?

  • Kip Beatty

    Remember when these “special” events were actually a surprise? When we were giddy with anticipation at what SJ would announce? The supplier channel leaks, although likely impossible to contain, have taken some of the magic from Apple.

    • hannahjs

      The magic actually happens once a user holds the device in his/her own hand, and the bonding begins. The emotion underlying surprise sustains this critical interaction, and replaces any letdown over “spoilers”.

      • Kip Beatty

        There is no amount of hype that can replace the feel of the actual product in your hands, but I can tell you from having had the fortune to attend a couple of Steve Job keynotes and product unveilings, plenty of magic happened in that room. It then translated to incredible media attention and public fascination that drove a lot of product interest. For sure none of that matters if the product doesn’t ultimately deliver, and fortunately for Apple and its users they usually do.

    • if you dont visit rumor/leak sites, you wont have the surprise spoiled. pretty easy fix.

      • Kip Beatty

        Ah yes, like those dastardly rumor sites like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNN. Basically, don’t read the news.

        • No, just close that story. Because odds are it’s at least 80% incorrect anyway. Why are you wasting your time?

    • The only reason you’re not surprised is because you treat the rumours seriously. So instead of being surprised, you get dismayed when the rumours are proven bullshit again and again.

      I honestly don’t know why anyone bothers with rumours anymore. We haven’t had good quality rumours since ThinkSecret.

      • Kip Beatty

        I think you’re a bit behind the times on “rumors”. This isn’t the old days when you had to scour questionable rumor sites for tidbits of Apple info that ended up being wrong 99% of the time. Other than Daring Fireball and The Loop, I don’t read any Apple sites and mostly pick up on Apple news through Zite on the iPad. These days, due primarily to component leaks overseas, you can see much of what Apple has on tap for the event in regular news sites. We’ve seen the 5c phone boxed and unboxed in photos and videos, the new gold 5s, and the back panel of the new iPad. And yes, when I see a video of a fully packaged 5c, I treat it “seriously”. Or at least I believe that’s what we’ll see at the Apple event.

        MacLife posted an article yesterday lamenting much the same, although they posit it’s acutally a positive:

        • And how often is it accurate? I think they were right(-ish) on the iPhone 5, but not the 4, 4S or any of the iPads.

          Seriously not worth getting excited about.

  • G

    This site is reporting 10 PT, implying that it is daylight savings time, a given considering that we are currently in daylight savings time.

    Cult of Mac and 9to5 Mac are reporting 10 PST. Either they are those kind of stupid people that insist on putting standard time in there even though we are not on standard time (a great majority people do this), or someone decided to be funny and express it in standard time so that the unobservant would be an hour late.


    • G

      Actually, that would be an hour early. Apologies.

  • Harold

    Maybe the iPhone 5C is the “5S” model

  • PS Vita Roundup

    Double down on secrecy my ass!

  • The multiple colours and the occasional white/silver circle clearly indicate that this is a blood spatter pattern resulting from the cutting of the carotid artery of one of Apple’s unicorns.

  • adam

    the different dot colors obviously signifies the new apple iphone 5C lineup which will come in different assortment of bright colors.

  • Scruff0

    I HATE HATE HATE myself for saying this – it looks like bubbles to me.

    Bubbles … champagne? OMG OMG OMG champagne coloured iPhone!



  • thatguy

    They should really make an iMac in multiple different colors – kinda like their dots. Now THAT would be cool!

    • Darren

      Like the dalmation iMac from days of yore

  • joseph

    I have a strange feeling that the iphone 5S will be replaced with the 5C, and that will concern me, anyone help me out here for clarification???

    • Moeskido

      Sure. Wait seven days and find out with the rest of us.

    • haromaster

      I’ll let you know next week

  • SockRolid

    Obviously, the next iPhone will be a sphere. Like the communication devices in “V”. Holographic, biometric, blue energy.

  • joseph

    i wish all the leaks were never, leaked, because it ruins the momentum of expecting something new when you probably already have an idea of whats going to be announced, and plus other companies use leaks and stuff to determine how they plan to do better to make apple look bad, life sucks sometimes

  • It’s the announcement that the complete Lawrence Welk and Don Ho collections are on iTunes.

  • vincekg

    Dippin’ dots! The next version will be a phone made for astronauts that you can get at your nearest Apple store

  • novybajwa

    will Apple invent colored phones on Sept. 10

  • DandoGando

    Somehow I dont think smack daddy jo jo is going to like that.

  • Hazrin

    The circles are not in a strategic shape. Did you not know, they now have chimpanzees in the creative department. Humans ran out of ideas…

  • Bongo Dong

    Support for 4k screens over the entire Mac line?

  • lucascott

    Apple is buy Hue off Philips. Explains the brighten, the colors, even the dots.

    You heard it here first.

  • Bruzli

    There will be no 5C or whatever, Apple knows how to sell high. They just don’t want everyone to owe an iPhone. Any master in marketing will say, best way of marketing is selling high.

  • tobradex

    I can’t understand all this fuss about the cheapness = bad quality of 5c. if we keep the ipad mini vs. ipad retina price ratio, the 5c should cost 420 $ instead of the 649 $ of the current 5. which, in fact, is not “that” cheap.

  • Space Gorilla

    It occurs to me that the iPhone 5C pricing might be staring us in the face:

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