Kevin Spacey talks Netflix and House of Cards

Kevin Spacey gave a speech at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, talking about House of Cards and the difference between the Netflix model and the more traditional pilot season model. To me, House of Cards is a perfect example of a disruptive innovation.

Fascinating and entertaining.

  • The good thing is, he’s right. The bad thing is, he’s right.

    We’ll see if this model will gain popularity among the other networks, but I have trouble seeing it, especially for shows that devour billions of Dollars per episode, like Game of Thrones. The subscription model seems to be necessary to pay for those and the audience needs to be kept in front of the TV in order to be inundated with advertisements.

    In the long term I have no trouble seeing the Netflix/House of Card model succeed, but only after this generation of TV/movie producers and network heads has gone the way of the Dodo.

    • game of thrones audience inundated with ads? on HBO?

  • joeaverage21

    I won’t go back to broadcast television. I won’t sit through the myriad of advertisements each hour anymore. Each time we visit out of town family we get to test view broadcast TV again and its just terrible. We cut the cord several years ago and I won’t go back. The commercials are mind-numbing as is much of the programming now. My old favorite networks do nothing but broadcast garbage reality TV now – no learning or history or science shows that I want watch anymore. There is so much on cable TV that I don’t want my kids exposed to.

    • joeaverage21

      Great thing about streaming TV is I have a viewing history to look at if I need to see what my kids are watching (on our only TV – in the front room). They don’t hold any passwords to the accounts so they can’t watch anything from other devices.

  • Sorry Kevin Spacey [watch him at 01:18]: it was obviously less “trust” than predictive analytics and Big Data, which Netflix used to predict the business outcome. That’s pretty interesting and “scary”. Will we witness less experimental films to be funded in the future? If you want to optimize bottom line, you look for stories for the masses. – Steffen Konrath, Liquid Newsroom