The rumored iPad at Apple’s Sept. 10 media event

From Mac Rumors:

Buried in an article about Apple’s upcoming Tokyo retail store, Bloomberg briefly mentions that Apple’s September 10 media event will see the introduction of not only new iPhone models, but also new iPads.


No iPads.

  • BC2009

    That’s what I thought. iOS 7 does not look ready for iPad yet.

    • tylernol

      iOS7 looks fine with the latest beta builds on the iPad. It is more likely that Apple likes to release the iPad closer to the holidays.

    • Herding_sheep

      Not just that. The iPad does not need to share the spotlight with TWO new iPhone announcements. They need their own events as to not drown the coverage with 2 new iPhones and 2 new iPads all at once. I honestly preferred if they spread product announcements out more, rather than having all the big guns piled up in September-October, but I guess having iPads and iPhones refreshed for the holiday is more important than having a lull up until September.

      • Idon’t Know

        iOS 7 is fine on my iPad 4. i see no differences between it on my iPhone 5 and iPad 4.

      • kenn213

        Every iPad except for the most recent has been announced in the winter and released in the spring. This makes the most sense as it is about 6 months apart from their other main mobile product’s refresh date.

  • Luca

    Thanks Jim.

  • No iPads? The iPad is in need of a refresh it has almost been a year now, could they really be pushing it back until spring again?

    • Blake Hill

      Gruber already (essentially) confirmed the iPad event is in October. See last footnote.

      • Ahh cool. Thanks!

        • Idon’t Know

          Nobody said anything about spring. I assume they just don’t want to share the stage with iPhone. Which gives me a little breathing room since I will be buying a new iPhone (full price to keep unlimited), iPad and Haswell retina MBP.

    • 11thIndian

      Just like last year, One event for iPhone/iPod in September, and other for iPads and Mac presumably in October.

    • websnap

      Almost a year is no big deal – OVER a year, that’s different… especially if no rumours are heard. There are tonnes of rumours/leaks right now for iPad so at least we know Apple is on it and it is roughly eminent.

  • asdf

    Thanks JIMbo

  • Ralph Kruse

    I don’t think Apple has ever run an event that announced new iPhones and new iPads on the same day, am I right?

  • B3nlok

    The last “nope” i recall was not entirely correct (game controller rumor). So…

    • what was it? that apple would produce a controller? still no evidence of that… theyve only provided an API. sounds like a nope.

  • lifetheuniverseandeverything

    the Mavericks, Mac, iPad event will probably be Oct. 22nd or 23rd.

  • Cezary Wojcik

    Good. That means my iPad 4 stays latest-gen longer.

  • Yeah, you don’t really need inside knowledge to call this one. Apple isn’t going to shine the spotlight on two new key products at once.

  • Space Gorilla

    I would love a larger screen iPad, 13 inch, maybe even 15. But, I would also love an iOS Air notebook with a 13 inch screen. Maybe that flexible hinge patent would come into play. My current iPad 2 plus ZAGGFolio is really nice, very comfortable to use.

    • StevenDrost

      “iOS Air notebook with a 13 inch screen”, I can see the potential of such a device, but to be successful it would need to run both IOS and OSX apps, the hardware would be the easy part. Lenovo already created the hardware with the Yoga, the only difference is, with the right software it would not suck.

      • Space Gorilla

        It wouldn’t need to run OSX for me. My iPad 2 in a ZAGGFolio case has replaced my MacBook Pro as the device I travel with and take to business meetings. I suppose they’d have to call it an iPad Pro or iPad Air. It can’t be the MacBook Air and not run OSX. But I have found that I really don’t need OSX on the go. I have my iMac for that.

        • jakery

          I don’t believe they’ll ever create a device that runs iOS and OS X, at least I hope not. Dual-OS devices have been a disaster, especially for Microsoft. And I agree with Space Gorilla that I wouldn’t need it. Of course they need more/better support for keyboards (command keys and shortcuts, for example). What I think is more likely is that iOS will evolve to the point where it will work as a desktop and portable OS. I know it sounds crazy, but I’d love a 20″ iPad Pro that comes with a stand and Apple keyboard & magic trackpad that would replace 80% of my Mac use cases. The apps would come if they built it. The OS is just not there yet.

          • Space Gorilla

            That’s my other dream scenario. A 20 or 30 inch screen that tilts down on a hinge and I can use iOS on it. I used to work on drafting tables when I was in university, it’s very comfortable at a low angle. We’re years away from that though. Lots of ergonomics to work out, but I must say I’ve been surprised how comfortable it is to work with an iPad tilted up in the ZAGGFolio. I prefer the combination of hardware keyboard and touching the screen to my desktop keyboard and mouse set up.

  • My bank account is going to be hurting in the next couple of months. Due to replace my iPhone 4S and my iPad 3, along with my iPad Mini if the new one gets a retina display…ouch!

    • Rob

      Hurts a lot less if you don’t waste money upgrading them. Practice financial discipline.

      • I guess that depends on what your definition of wasting money is. What makes you think I don’t practice financial discipline?!

  • Scott Falkner

    The iPad will not share a stage with the iPhone. They are each too big for one to play second banana.

  • Jonas Ensby

    I feel this is a bit low hanging fruit for a nope from you, Jim.

  • Adam

    I know it may sound like a conspiracy theory or a joke, but didn’t it occur to you folks why Jim didn’t just said “Nope”, but added also “No iPads”, which could be interpreted as “Nope” for the “s” only 😉

  • Damn I want an ipad 5 why dont they just release it already

    • Mich

      Hey I have an ipad 5 for you – looks a lot like an ipad mini and I only want a grand for it – it’s a steal!!!

  • MACK