New fall TV shows

Here’s one critic’s takes on new shows worth a watch. Somehow I doubt that all of these are worth watching, but I have to say I will definitely be checking out The Michael J Fox Show (so hoping this is good) as well as The Crazy Ones (Robin Williams as the head of an advertising agency). Curious if the latter gets its title from the brilliant Apple campaign.

  • samdchuck

    This might just be the worst dying-to-see lineup ever. They put up Super Fun Night, it looks absolutely horrendous, showing their taste in shows, they’re hoping it becomes like the equally terrible show The Mindy Project.

  • I really want The Michael J. Fox Show to be good.

  • Dave

    Robin Williams is SOO annoying. Ooh, maybe he’ll do the gay guy voice! Or the Elmer Fudd voice! Or that thing where he talks real fast!

  • lucascott

    I hate sitcoms with a burning passion. Hated working on them, hate watching them. Dramedies I’m fine with but I hear laugh track and it’s over.

    As for the Crazy Ones question, it centers around an Ad Agency so yes the whole Apple thing was probably one of several reasons for the name (the lead character is also a total goof that many folks think is crazy so that’s another cause)

  • crateish

    Crazy Ones will crash and burn. I so hope that the Fox vehicle is good as well.