Vevo, Weather Channel, Disney, and Smithsonian on Apple TV

I like it, especially Vevo and Smithsonian.

  • lucascott

    I like it also, however. I want more of these apps. There are dozens of TV net apps for iOS. They should all be on there.

    BUT not baked in. I know a lot of folks want to see a full App Store with games etc but I just want one of these viewing apps. Let us pick what we care about. Plus detaching them would allow for better app updating etc. It’s really annoying to have stuff baked in that you can’t use cause it isn’t in your country.

    And get the UI more in line with iOS. Why have different icons, why not have ‘folders’ etc. Even the remote app could just be a reverse mirror where we touch on the device to trigger the ATV.

    And then get the whole ‘with cable’ out of the mix etc

    • DaWooster

      You can kinda ‘cheat’ folders by enabling parental controls. I’ve blocked all the sports apps, since I really can’t give a darned about them and they clutter my TV screen.

      • BC2009

        That’s exactly what I was going to say. Parental controls is a great hack solution to hiding things you don’t care about.

        • DaWooster

          Haha great minds think alike.

  • Mau Sandoval

    Too bad we are still at the mercy of the Cable/TV Providers. A disgrace that we can’t enjoy some of these products due to carriers. The Disney LIVE apps are not available even with a premium TV Provider like DirecTV. And, I am not sure of this, but apparently the availability of these apps is subject to whether you have TV service, which pretty much negates the benefit of this. If you dream of getting rid of TV cable/sat services, then you probably won’t be able to use some of these apps.

    It’s the right path… but it’s a rather rocky one.

    • ESPN’s app required me to register it with my ATT Uverse to ensure that I pay for access to ESPN programming, but the Smithsonian Channel App didnt. My Uverse package doesn’t include access to Smithsonian Channel and I am getting all of that content for free through the AppleTV app. I think it has to do with the Content Provider’s existing Cable/TV provider contracts.

      • Mau Sandoval

        Absolutely! I believe it has to do with the Smithsonian having no interest on content distributors (NBC, ABC, and the like). ESPN, Disney, HBO, are part (or are in agreements) of the conglomerates we are trying to avoid…

        this actually confirms that even if I had my ISP on the list, I would have to be paying for TV service in order to get those apps working. In my case, I get TV through DirecTV and my ISP is a Cable provider.

        • I am trying to find the the articles, but someone did a great in-depth analysis of the current day financials and why content providers won’t ever fully support the cutting of cable. Disney alone makes amazing amounts of money from every cable subscription from their ESPN property even when a large percentage of subscribers never watch a single second of ESPN content.

  • Terry

    Vevo–Alright, “Here come the eighties”. Smithsonian has hardly any content and rarely gets refreshed

  • tahanmartins

    How are you viewing this in Canada Jim?

  • bobrk

    Grrr, I know it won’t be fixed, but I hate the cable subscription requirement.

    • BC2009

      Actually, ESPN is negotiating with several providers to make a paid-for subscription. I am crossing my fingers for a bundle subscription to all ABC-owned properties like ESPN, ABC, Disney Channel, Disney XD. If I could all of those for $8 per month plus Netflix for $8 per month, I would seriously consider cutting the cord.

      As it stands, I want access to the upcoming animated Star Wars series on Disney XD and Dish Network only provides Disney XD on more expensive plans.

      • bobrk

        Indeed, subscriptions would be awesome. I’ve already cut the cord, and shovel money at Netflix and Hulu+. And my ISP who is not cable.

      • Tvaddic

        My understanding was that ESPN was negoitating with to have the exact same cable bundle, but with an online provider like Apple Sony etc.

  • owmyheadhurts

    Vevo would be a whole lot better if you could select a genre and be presented with a list of videos to browse. As it is now, you select a genre and a random (usually awful) video begins to play. No list of choices. Maybe I’m missing something?

    • Kriztyan

      You can search, then once you find something, you get “suggestions” relevant to the video you just watched. Clumsy, but it kind of works.

      • owmyheadhurts

        I see. Good tip. Thanks!

  • lucy Smith

    It’s really annoying to have stuff baked in that you can’t use cause it isn’t in your country.Casquette Obey