The birth of modern American censorship

Fantastic take on the First Amendment and the evolution of censorship.

Because of the ironclad protection of the First Amendment, it has proved very difficult for government to control what we can read, listen to or see. A few curbs have been put up, though, notably by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the regulations of which largely determine what kind of material is bleeped out of radio and television broadcasts.

There’s discussion of the 1873 Comstock Laws, the first radio censorship, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin (and his 7 words), Madonna on Letterman, Arrested Development, and much more. Brilliant.


    What a joke.

    Government simply gives monopoly license to a hand full of companies which then Politicians spend rest of their lives raise money to give to them aka elections.

    In return, same press gives just the right propaganda and titillation to lull the public into sleep.

    There is no adverse press any where in mainstream to even have freedom of press.

    Censoring couple of words are meaningless.

  • marv08

    Eric Idle said it best… (NSFW):