Canada uses drones to drive away geese

Seriously Canada, it’s like you want the world to laugh at you.

  • rwitt

    Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

  • dtj

    Until it has attached Air-to-Geese missiles, its just a toy helicopter.

  • Moeskido

    “Mister President, we must not allow a Seagull-Deterrent Gap!”

  • James Baker

    If “geese” encompasses our long list of national enemies, I’m fine with that.

  • Ralph Kruse

    So Canada is using drones to scare away geese rather than spying on its citizens? How laughable indeed.

    • It’s deplorable that the Harper government would have access to modern technology and not use it to kill random strangers half a world away.

  • psforsberg

    I’m certainly not laughing at Canada. I work in lake management and the overpopulation of Canada geese pose a serious threat to water quality and their tenacity make them an extremely difficult pest to manage. A GIS for Canada goose control delivers millions of results. Drones are just the latest attempt to manage these airborne pests.

  • It works though. 🙂