Elementary OS

elementary OS is a free replacement for Windows on the PC and OS X on the Mac. It comes with what you’d expect, like a fast web browser and an app store with thousands of apps. Plus some things you may not expect, like free updates and no known viruses.

I don’t know a lot about it, but it looks like OS X. I’m also not sure where the “thousands of apps” came from.

  • Joseph Blake

    “Thousands of apps” came from the fact that it’s just a derivative of Ubuntu.

  • Kevin Dugan

    This looks a lot like what I’d expect from an eventual iOS laptop.

  • ProductiveMonk

    Looks like a real OS X rip off.

    • rattyuk

      And the web design?

  • Sebastian Paul

    OS X clone running on a MacBook clone – how nice. And when you’re copying something – without mentioning that there’s an elephant in the room – you should at least NOT use an almost identical wallpaper.

    Also nice how the guy states that “elementary is the first OS I’ve used that doesn’t feel like it’s fighting me”. Yeah – but there are a few million people who are already using an such an OS.

    “Hi, I’m Peter – and i can’t afford a MacBook” (Oh, i made up the last line)

    • LKM

      Hm, you’re right, this might be a good alternative for people who can’t afford Apple’s laptops.

  • Moeskido

    Linux devotees will defend this as an ethically superior OS, despite the fact that apparently none of them had the design smarts to come up with a decent UI of their own.

  • Colin Mattson

    Downloaded it for a spin. Unsurprisingly, 2013 is still not the year of Linux on the desktop.

  • Since I play with Linux every now and then, I’ve been following its development long before its initial release (it was merely a GTK+icon theme back then).

    And yes, it DOES look like OS X, no matter what the designer and the users say. I kinda enjoy the look when I was playing with it though. (Not so much the use, no.)

  • MishQus

    That website sure looks familiar as well. I wonder where I have seen that layout before …

  • Cristian Pedrotti

    Ubuntu revamped as an OSX. Good Idea

  • Endem

    No reason to hate it. Better a OSX ripoff than a Windows ripoff. The add is terribly stupid though.

  • gjgustav

    Looks like OS X ≠ acts like OS X.

  • David Stewart

    While it’d be fine to make a Linux-based OSX clone, it is staggeringly disingenuous for them to so slavishly copy OSX and then pretend it is somehow their great idea.

  • I was poking around with it the other day. Seems like a nice version of Linux for a non techie person. I normally give Ubuntu to people but this might be my go-to Linux distro for people who mainly use web services.

  • Dave Brandt

    I put it for a spin under VMware. Yeah, its derived from Ubuntu but it tries to be for normal people. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    I think its place in the market is for folks who spent much less than the Mac equivalent but now want a usable OS. A reasonable strategy is to reinitialize the HD and put something like this on. My favorite right now is Linux Mint but this is probably more acceptable to normal people.

    They should have a “Bye Bye Ballmer” party in which folks across the world reinitialize their hard disks and install this instead.

  • bGrant

    Ubuntu always looked pretty good, and this looks great. Best of luck to them. It’s no closer to the desktop touch interface we’re all wishing for, but it’s better than Windows. And I’d have no hesitation recommending it (over Windows) to anyone who didn’t want Mac, for some reason.

  • Sweet! A Linux distro that has finally created a visual Applications folder for where all of these apps live, right? Just drag and drop to install a 3rd party app that is not found in the “ubuntu store”?

  • benwaffle

    That’s not an OSX clone. If you want an OSX clone check out PearOS