Uber get $258M from Google Ventures led VC group

Uber is a car service with a kick-ass iOS app. Launch the app and a map appears showing all the “black cars” in your area, with the time until the closest one can get to your location. Tap a button, the car is instantly dispatched. When the driver gets close, they’ll call and/or text you to let you know the car is near. You rank the drivers (1-5 stars) and they rank you, too. Terrific experience, just a bit more expensive than a cab, but much more convenient and incredibly reliable.

The fact that they are raising so much money is a sign of both the maturation of this space, and of its competitive nature.

  • Moeskido

    I’ll be more impressed when they’re turning a profit without the benefit of VC cash.

  • lireader

    Looks like Google is having some trouble deciding between “Don’t be evil” and “Don’t be an asshole.” ————— http://www.loopinsight.com/2013/07/11/uber-spikes-prices-during-toronto-downpour-then-denies-it/

  • Uber started out with just black cars but has expanded to offer pricier and cheaper options.

    You can get regular cabs (“uberTAXI”) and even hybrids (“uberX”). The uberX service is reportedly 10% cheaper than taxi service now. It does seem generally true here in San Francisco; I don’t even bother with a non-Uber cab now if I don’t have to since uberX is the same price, much better experience.

    NB: I’m fairly certain uberX and uberTAXI aren’t in all cities yet. I’ve used both in San Francisco and notice know difference in quality between them and standard Uber black car service.