Cinematic ad for the new Mac Pro

Scorching new ad for Apple’s upcoming Mac Pro. Do I want one? Oh, yes.

  • Jürgen Pöschel

    Wait – is this the new Porsche Spyder?

  • Space Gorilla

    That is one sexy beast.

  • meh, looks like a trash can to me

    • Space Gorilla

      Sexy trash can, mmmmmm.


      I dare you to google image search “Phonograph Cylinder”

      just like people tried to ridicule “iPad” name as female hygienic product. Who has the last laugh.

  • lucascott

    I might get one depending on the price.

    But what I really want is a 40 inch or + flattish screen Cinema Display with HDMI and enough graphics juice that I can use it as a computer monitor, screen for my Apple TV, game consoles, and 3d blu-ray.

    That to me would be the only ‘real’ TV that Apple needs to make. And by having enough kick that it could be used for basically anything they have a bigger market.

  • gavin


  • Moeskido

    Kind of like a Droid ad. Meh.

  • Jack

    It’s interesting that they’re advertising this considering it has such niche appeal. I guess it follows Siracusa’s theory of having a “halo” Mac that doesn’t sell in large numbers but is really all about branding and experimentation.


      No it is saying to public here is something new from Apple that everyone will be copying in near future.

      and half of the public keeps calling Macbook Pro = Mac Pro for short.

      • I doubt it. The last version wasn’t copied by everyone, was it?

        This one isn’t all that hot to me. Looks super sleek and they have great internals, as expected, but I don’t see the great innovation here; especially not worthy of being copied.

        I do want one though, bet Final Cut would be sweet on here.

  • jimothyGator

    Wasn’t this the same video that was shown at WWDC?

    • Jmd1033

      Yep. This is nothing new

      • 11thIndian

        Only the wording on release timeframe. WWDC they said, “Later this year.” and now this says “Fall 2013”. While fall still goes until December 20th, it does make me hopeful for a preorder announcement at an October iPad/Mac event.

  • 11thIndian

    It’s unfortunately the ad no one needs. Everyone even tepidly curious about this machine has seen this, read Apple’s MacPro page and is anxiously awaiting new information on ordering date, specs, and pricing. Unfortunately this gives us none of that, and of course no one who knows Apple would expect it to.

    Very weird.

    • MysteriousRacerX

      It’s a “halo” product. It’s like showing the Lexus LFA in standard consumer market targeted TV ads. That’s a $375K vehicle with extremely limited availability … it’s supposed to take some mindshare, so when you’re buying your $40K car, you remember it, and the brand it represents – or – it suggests all Lexus cars have the same DNA as the LFA. Same with Apple: take some mindshare, suggest exotic design and performance across the range of products, etc.