Apple executives as Microsoft CEO

It will be interesting to see which Apple executives Microsoft tries to get to run the company. You know it’s going to happen. Apple has all the products that Microsoft wished it had.

  • cifero

    maybe somebody from Blackberry

    • That’s when I’d start feeling sorry for Microsoft.

      • Miku

        Can you imagine…. if they manage to hire Scott Forstall? I would not be shocked if he sent his resume as soon as he heard the news.

        • on “stitched leather” stationery.

  • I think what’ll be interesting is the more stupid of the Mac media screaming “betrayal!” for years over it. 🙂

  • What about Forstall?

    • Indeed, Forstall would be a great for shacking things up/down.

    • Christo88
    • The new MS CEO needs to help Microsoft transform into this new functional structured organization. It sounds as though Forstall was starting to no longer accept the functional structure of Apple.

      • Moeskido

        Microsoft’s board of directors might not realize that if he makes a good pitch.

  • Sociofranco

    Whoever he’ll be don’t expect a short turnaround, it will take years to build a proper culture steer an elephant like MS.

  • Prof. Peabody

    If they are smart, they will start to copy Google now, not Apple. They have a chance to execute Google’s plan, they never had a chance to be another Apple.

  • steveabraham

    Browett, anyone?

  • by the same token, it’ll be interesting to see who takes MS’s money and defects

    • Moeskido

      Yes, always.

  • Or maybe it’ll be Bill Gates, you know, the guy who saved Apple in the first place….[runs]

    • Herding_sheep

      You mean the guy who almost buried Apple in the first place? Thats like shooting a person in the leg and calling yourself a hero for bringing that person to the hospital.

      Not to mention the whole mirage of MS saving Apple was nonsense anyway. It was a patent settlement. Apple was a several billion dollar company at that point. 150 million was irrelevant. What Apple really got from the deal was the promise to keep producing Office on the Mac.

      • DanPierce

        And what Microsoft got out of the deal was to keep Apple around so as to deflect the monopoly charges.

        • Moeskido


  • Ken

    Scott Forstall!

  • tylernol

    Forstall! I can totally see it.

  • mostlyfreeideas

    Tim Cook?

  • Bill

    Scott Forstall! I can’t wait to see stitching around all the ‘metro’ boxes.

    • Moeskido

      I can’t wait to see the Svengali Eyes making presentations at CES.

  • MIkey

    Non-compete contracts make this unlikely, and further, an Apple exec at Microsoft may be akin to Ron Johnson’s experience at JCP. It’s hard to turn a stodgy old culture in a dynamic direction in a time from that will keep shareholders happy.

  • marv08

    My wish (even if it is unlikely): Dual-CEOs, Jon Rubinstein and Roger McNamee. Should be enough to finish them off.

  • Antonio

    Scott Forstall, without a question.

  • jim

    Scott Forstall for MS CEO

  • BC2009

    Sinofsky returns.

    • The guy who bailed after Windows 8 and Surface launched? — Thats a horrible choice hahaha

  • I’m guessing they’ll promote from within, or get someone from the outside from IBM, HP, etc…

  • Adriano Geletes

    It could be Scott Forstall! But is he allowed to work for MS? Do you guys think, that he ever would?

  • Labru

    Not from Apple, but I could see the board bring back another Steven… Sinofski.

  • Mother Hydra

    I hear Ron Johnson is looking for a new home… Match made in heaven?

    • Moeskido

      For the stores?

  • theInnocentj

    Scott Forstall I can see him transforming windows in 3 years now that he in the wilderness finding him self after being kicked out of apple.

  • Matt Lew

    I heard the front-runners are Leo Apatheker and Gil Amelio. Microsoft “is like a ship with a hole in it” and it’s Amelio’s calling to get it “steered in the right direction”.

    What about the hole though? Lol.

    • N8nnc

      John Sculley