Consumer Reports: The Nexus 7 sucks balls

The new Nexus 7 has all the makings of a great tablet but it’s been plagued by multiple problems ever since its release, including faulty GPS and a bug-riddled touch interface. Because of this, Consumer Reports is warning tablet fans to avoid buying Google’s newest tablet until the company fixes all these issues. The publication in particular singles out the Nexus 7′s shoddy touch screen implementation as particularly headache-inducing.

Apple is probably sending a cake to the Nexus 7 team for making its tablet suck so bad.

  • Guest

    Funniest headline ever.

    • marv08

      Knowing Google’s customers… it might even improve sales :-)

  • Gandhi

    This is what happens when you sell cheap crap.

  • Blinx182

    Not entirely trusting of Consumer reports, since they made similar sentiments about the much over-blown iPhone 4 antenna.

    • tylernol

      but who do you trust?

      • Blinx182

        Not much, really. I just buy what I want. (I’m not actually going to get a Nexus, since I already have an iPad). Just saying consumer reports has a tendency to overblow things.

        • tylernol

          true, but it’s good that there is someone out there who overblows faults in contrast to those that see none(verge..)

  • BC2009

    Makes me wonder why so many tech sites have reviewed it so highly (like last year’s Nexus 7). Last year’s model did not suck until after you used it for a few months. This year’s model supposedly has issues out of the gate.

    Then again, this is Consumer Reports, and their reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt as well.

  • sjs

    I trust AnandTech far more than Consumer Reports, and they awarded it their silver editors’ choice award[1]. Seems like most of these issues are already resolved. Even Apple has problems with new products. It’s just the nature of the business and large scale manufacturing of electronics.


    I have the 2012 Nexus 7 and for me the real problem with Android tablets lies in the app situation. I can’t find high quality apps for Twitter,, and RSS like I can on iOS.

    (Except right now because I use Feedbin and Reeder for iPad doesn’t support it yet, the best solution I have for RSS on tablets is actually Press on my Nexus 7. Mr. Reader and Slow Feeds suck balls.)

    • John C. Bland II

      Press is nice. Check out Feedly. It’s pretty nice.

      I have seen apps but I don’t use it so no clue.

      For twitter the official one doesn’t work?

    • derekmorr

      If you have an api key, Falcon Pro works very well on tablets.

  • Guest

    I don’t know why would you post this. It seems that the problem is fixed:

  • John C. Bland II

    Very glad I waited!

  • pliablemoose

    I updated my 2012 N7, and the thing got much worse, the crazy screen in particular. Posted my experience in The Verge forums and got shouted down, “I must have done something wrong.” Go go Google fanboys…

  • Guest

    Jim, you’re spreading misinformation, and hopefully not on purpose. These issues were fixed today with an update. Either report correctly, or don’t report at all.

    • cdc700

      The hardware issues have not been fixed, still a lot of people with random reboots, even with the new software. The only fix is to keep returning tablets until you get one that works, or just buy a better product. Not a big Samsung fan, but at least they work….

      • John C. Bland II

        Haven’t heard about random restarts. Source?

        • cdc700
          • John C. Bland II


          • cdc700

            There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason either. We bought two tablets at the same time, the second one hasn’t had one issue…

          • John C. Bland II

            Very similar to my v1 and my wife’s. Mine, the glass slightly raised in one area [1/4 the way down from the top]. Hers? Perfect. Both about the same age.

            She used to experience a few random restarts but not much lately, seeing as she uses her iPad exclusively. lol.

    • hongdb

      You. Are. Uninformed. Or misinformed. Or being economical with the truth. Google has fixed nada with the “Q” update. It issued a lemon and will not ‘fess up. See John Bland below? Checked before arrogantly and ignorantly correcting us? Give that a try next time. You dip.

    • hongdb

      You. Are. Uninformed. Or misinformed. Or being economical with the truth. Google has fixed nada with the “Q” update. It issued a lemon and will not ‘fess up. See John Bland below? Checked before arrogantly and ignorantly correcting us? Give that a try next time. You dip.

  • Antonio Fonseca

    Nope. Apple isn’t Microsoft. ;)

  • Mother Hydra


  • Niatrek

    The only nice thing I can say about my new Nexus 7 2013 is that it helped me appreciate the reliability and quality of the iPad and iOS. At first I was thrilled to leave the apple environment, but after three Bugs in four weeks and a total loss of data the thrill is gone.

  • Apple

    i bought one and Nexus 7 totally sucks – and i have spent my hard-earned $ to buy that piece of crap. Ear piece doesn’t work. The device turns off and on by itself.

  • Piina

    I really liked my Nexus 7, but the it went and died after a little over a year of use. No warranty. I really refuse to buy such crap anymore! Consumer goods so fragile that even when treated with care don´t last at all. And where do they end up, on some Chinese child´s backyard to pollute, after his mommy committed suicide after working 12 hrs a day to make it on an it-sweat shop. This is f*cked up! Say no to crap and demand better quality!

    • Dave

      That would be an Ipad.


    I have one that I got for Christmas. IT DOES SUCK. Don’t waste you time and money. The touch screen glitches at least once a day. The apps often malfunction. Whatever team created the hardware & the software apparently never heard of beta testing. It’s good for Netflix, no problems at all with that app. Even You-tube app sometimes has glitches. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Asus and Google really dropped the ball on this product.