Slowing down the music

There’s a trend emerging that I find very interesting. It started with people posting complicated guitar pieces, slowing things down a bit so you really get a handle on the complexity. For example, here’s a link to Frank Zappa’s Rat Tomago, slowed by 20%.

Today, I came across this post, slowing down the Dolly Parton song, Jolene, by 17%. I love the new guitar sound, but I was really taken by the change in vocal. What else you got for me internet?

  • Roy Liu

    Dude, 20%? 17%?

    I’m trying to learn how to play Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “That Smell”, I have to slow it down by 75%! Admittedly I suck, but still.

    What I don’t understand is why wouldn’t these people use a program like “Capo”, where you can slow it down from 100% to 25%, but it maintains the same pitch.

    • rattyuk

      Basically, you may be too young. But playing a 45 rpm 7″ at 33.3 rpm (Album speeds).

  • Petro

    Slowing down of The Chipmunks:

    Via this great story on the Panic website:

  • Moeskido

    The Dolly Parton piece sounds surprisingly good.

  • dougguitar

    I’m loving This is a website ( they also have iOS apps) that features isolated tracks they got from licensing the master recordings, with accurate transcriptions and the ability to slow them down. It gets a tad pricy, but being able to hear the isolated tracks from the master is amazing.

    I also like the Transcribe! application ( <- an affiliate link) for slowing down music. To me, it has the best sound of any of these types of applications when the tracks have been slowed down a lot. It’s a vey full featured app if you like to do some of your own transcribing.


    • Roy Liu

      Very helpful, I will definitely look into that.

  • pxlated

    My favorite iOS slow down app so far is AudioStretch – Nice clean interface.

  • Richard Earney