New Tivo boxes with built-in iOS streaming

Jason Snell:

In its first major hardware upgrade in three years, TiVo introduced its fifth-generation hardware DVR series on Tuesday. On sale now with the odd nickname of “Roamio,” the new boxes promise a faster user interface and built-in streaming to iOS devices. At first glance, this new generation of TiVo looks like a big step up for cable TV subscribers who want to ditch their generic cable DVR.

  • KvH

    Unfortunately I ditched my cable provider for TiVO over the air recording. I’ve got a Series 3 and this was the first upgrade from that I thought might be worth it. But only the 500GB model has over-the-air recording support. So I’ll stick with my 2TB Series 3 and live without iOS support.

  • CJ

    No support for DirecTV and satellite dish? Wow.

  • I love hate TiVo. I’ve been a customer for 9-10 years and love the playback but hate the rest. The guide sucks and the My TiVo UI is horrible.

    They have to be able to do better.