Led Zeppelin “Whole Lotta Love” Isolated Guitar Track

For all of you guitar fans who love history, here’s a look at Jimmy Page’s rhythm guitar parts from Led Zeppelin’s classic hit “Whole Lotta Love.” The song might’ve ripped off Willie Dixon, but it exposed millions of kids to maybe the world’s most basic blues riff.

Jimmy Page is one of my favorite guitar players.

  • Jeff Zugale

    Sloppy ‘n’ Choppy, that’s our Jimmy… but it’s really great, and we love him. The riff is double-tracked, but it’s bizarre to hear that one of the tracks is slightly out of tune on one string (I’m guessing the A string, might even be just that one fret) – every time he hits the “D” note in the riff there’s a sort of hollow “bong” of a harmonic as the notes interfere! Weird but it sounds pretty awesome in the final.

    Oh wait, did I say Jimmy was sloppy? Maybe overall – but the double-tracking of the riff is super-tight to itself. Hmmmm!

  • studuncan

    And it’s removed from youtube.

    Cool recording notes though. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whole_Lotta_Love