Inside Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch

Om Malik has been digging around for details on Samsung’s rumored smartwatch and believes he has some particulars on the device.

  • Dmitri

    This sounds like so many of the “slates” that were announced before the iPad. Lots of talk, but never actually made.

  • Sebastian Paul

    It will be fun to see how the Galax Gear looks – and how the Galaxy Gear 2 or 3 will look, after the release of the iWatch^^

    Fandroid: “But of course looks the Galaxy Gear 2 like the iWatch, there’s no other way to design a watch, you can’t patent wristbands, watch faces and rounded corners!”

    Apple user: “But please explain why the Galaxy Gear looked totally different than the iWatch and GG2!”

    This happened before, with the Galaxy 7500 and Galaxy 5700 designs, which didn’t resemble the iPhone. But Samsung dropped that design (tho some aspects resurfaced in the different Galaxy S 1 models for the US market (the Fascinate, Epic, Captivate etc, dunno which had which feature of 7500/5700 design and too lazy to look it up again) and went full iPhone 3GS with the international Galaxy S1.

    • Timmy

      Probably will look like the iPod Nano sixth generation. Then Apple will come with the iWatch looking like the iPod Nano sixth generation, and people will say that Apple stole Samsung’s design.