Storm Sim

I’d like to thank Storm Sim for sponsoring this week’s RSS feed on The Loop. Storm Sim is the audio experience of a thunderstorm in your pocket. The app is more than a pre-recorded loop; it dynamically generates storms in real-time so it’s always unique and it never repeats.

It supports nearly infinite customization. Add more lightning, dial back the rain, or include a splash of freight train; get that perfect night’s sleep or just relax after a busy day.

Includes sleep and wake timers, AirPlay, LED Clock, add-on packs, and more. It’s a Universal app for iPhone and iPad that supports iOS 5 or higher.

Jim’s note: I showed this app to my wife and not only did she like it, she said she wished she had when the kids were smaller.

  • Christopher Levin

    First thought: “A storm in your phone, that’s stupid”. Second thought: “That’s freaking ingenious!”

  • Steve Lawrence

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a mode to simulate lightning for use in a darkened room? The screen would go black and you’d have the phone stood up and facing away from you, perhaps by a window, and every now and again the screen would flash bright white which would reflect off your walls etc., giving the effect of lightning.