Grammar and spelling mistakes

Matt Gemmell:

Whatever a person’s excuse might be, it’s difficult to get past the idea that this is someone who has failed to comprehend and internalise the rules of a language they’ve used almost every day of their life. That’s the magnitude of the negative impression being created. It’s like publicly, repeatedly demonstrating that you can’t tell the time, or count – and that you bizarrely don’t see those deficiencies as particularly worrisome or problematic.

I’ll be the first to admit that I make some very stupid mistakes when I write. They are not from lack of understanding and it horrifies me each time it happens. (I took extra time with this post).

  • eigerly

    Then you should know your last period should be inside the parentheses (since that sentence started with a parentheses). Oh well, no big deal. (Love your site.)

  • Lucas Rotondo

    There should also be a comma after “understanding.”

    • mdelvecchio

      are you sure? they taught us not to use a comma before and or but. i get the feeling it’s personal style — whether you want a pause or not…

      • Juan Valencia

        Well, the general rule is not to use a comma before “and” when listing something: item one, item two and item three (though THAT rule is itself subject to context). However, when joining two complete sentences, a comma is acceptable before “and”.

    • Juan Valencia

      Yup. Came here to say exactly that. (And that the final period should be inside the parentheses.)

  • Moeskido

    I can understand that proofreading isn’t everyone’s natural pastime, but when someone makes one’s living by writing, I expect them to either polish what they’ve written before publishing it, or have someone else do so. Copyeditors are what distinguishes professional work from sloppy carelessness, and I like to believe there are enough readers out there who can still recognize the difference. Sadly, too many organizations overlook that last step and lower the bar for everybody in the process.

    I was happy to benefit from several English teachers who took pains to emphasize the need for clarity and correct usage. I’m very grateful to all of them.

  • Kriztyan

    What about us dyslexic people? My intelligence has been question all my life only because I can’t spell very well. At least my grammar is not that bad. Boy, do I struggle with code. Sometimes I just can’t find the typo.

    • Dayv!

      I’m dyslexic and I work through it. People come to me to proofread their writing. I’m not the fastest reader or writer by any means, but I get tired of hearing people use dyslexia as an excuse for what really seems to be caused by a lack of concern.

      • Kriztyan

        Dyslexia comes in many forms and intensities. So you can’t presume to know exactly how others are affected. Also, in my case, I am fluent it two languages, and believe me, it’s not lack of concern or effort on my part. I agree, it should not be used as a crutch, but if you can’t see a typo, even while it is right in front of your eyes, it’s not carelessness, it’s a disability.