Freaky YouTube Easter Egg

This is just weird. Go to any YouTube video and when it starts playing type:


A missile command game comes up and starts to attack the video. You may have to type it in a few times before it works.


  • jEN

    Type 1337 to turn all comments into Leetspeak.

  • I absolutely love Google Play for this with the Easter eggs an Android and other Google products. it shows a sense of normalcy in such a big company.

    • blob

      “normalcy”? I don’t think you know what that word means.

      • Sigh. Really? Ok, I’ll play your game.

        Most big companies are stark and lifeless. You don’t see the “humanity” in them because of their ‘boring’ nature. Having easter eggs is the opposite of a typical high profile company. Having fun makes them feel more like humans run the place.

        Normalcy in the fact that we’re used to dealing with people…not draconian policies drudged up by some board keeping people from expressing themselves.

  • skz

    Not surprising that it doesn’t work during the pre ad.

  • Rollie

    There’s also the snake one, where the loading spinner shows and you hit there arrow keys to turn on “Snake” mode

  • Geoff