“Absolutely evil”

Larry Ellison talking about Google’s Larry Page:

“We just think they took our stuff, and that was wrong,” Ellison said in an interview with Charlie Rose on “CBS This Morning,” which was aired on Tuesday.

When asked if he thought Page was evil, Ellison replied: “I think what they did was absolutely evil.” He fell short of vilifying the man himself as evil.

  • I’ll expect a loser of a trial to have some sort of venom towards Google.

    • Mother Hydra

      precisely. Captain Plastic is being pissy over the whole java debacle and paying forward his hurt feelings. Real mature.

  • dr.no

    Ellison also said PRISM is necessary. I wait for Jim to pontificate on that.

  • jonpryor

    If reimplementing someone else’s language and class libraries is evil, then so are Linux/BSD (POSIX), Samba (SMB/CIFS), Wine (Windows), Mono (.NET), GNUStep (Objective-C)…

    In short, forbidding such things would completely alter the computing industry.

    It’s not Google which is in the wrong here, it’s Ellison/Oracle, which is precisely why they lost the lawsuit.

    • They just wanted a piece of the billions of devices Android will support in the next few years.

      • jonpryor

        Very probably, yeah.

        In any event, if we’re going to cast aspersions on Google for doing evil, let’s at least come up with good reasons; it’s not like we’re lacking in reasons to dislike/distrust Google. Re-implementing Java is not one of them.

        Hell, Google started with the Apache Harmony open-source project. If Google was doing evil here, the Harmony and the Harmony volunteers were the ones to create the evil in the first place…

    • Mother Hydra

      Ellison is taking a page from SCO’s playbook. The results will probably be similar too.