20 injured at LG phone giveaway

But what must have sounded like a good idea in the marketing meeting quickly dissolved into chaos. People aren’t stupid. They figured out that the only way to get the voucher was to burst the balloons, and they showed up equipped to do so with BB guns, knives on sticks, and other tools.

That’s never going to end well.

  • Jack

    Silver Lining: Now every reader of The Loop knows about a new LG phone. I never would have heard of it if their customers hadn’t stabbed each other with knives on sticks.

  • Gods dammit. That was a “Register” link. I swore never to go there again.

    • I didn’t read the article, either, but it was worth it just for the headline:

      20 injured at LG phone giveaway as PR stunt turns into freetard riot Korean balloon frenzy turns shooty

  • Mother Hydra

    Reminds me of whacking day on the Simpsons. “South Korea, start your poking”

  • the Ugly Truth


    gives a new ring to sheeps being lead to slaughter!

  • The White Tiger

    They really should have called it off as soon as they saw Knifestick Man. Yeah, there were BB guns, but as soon as you see a guy roll up, go into his trunk, and pull out a goddamn STICK and tape a KNIFE to it, you really ought to call timeout.

  • Aenean144

    “knives on sticks”

    Isn’t this called a spear? Man this sounds like an Anchorman reenactment. Well, Gangs of New York.