Apple’s rumored September 10 iPhone event

From AllThingsD

Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone at a special event on Sept. 10


  • Mark Thomson
    • Sam

      Nicely done!

      • Mark Thomson

        Thanks :)

  • Patrix

    Thanks for the confirmation, Jim.

  • Me

    The Oracle has spoken!

    • SSShu

      Time to light the beacon fire and warn Gondor.

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  • Roman

    Any info about the macbooks?

  • Josh Madison

    Now we know for sure…Thanks to the Beards’ “Yep”!

    • lucascott

      And yet we don’t know anything really. Which is something I respect about. Jim. He’ll confirm a date or nix a way off rumor but goes no further.

      • Dan Dorfman

        “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” -Archimedes The “yep” is the fulcrum, the immovable fact, in a way more precious than the lever.

      • Josh Madison

        I agree…That’s what I respect about him as well. As soon as I read this rumor in other locations I hoped over to his site to see if he had “Yep”d it yet.

      • Moeskido

        Mr. D. doesn’t abuse trust.

      • Leafs99

        I very much agree with you there. He doesn’t abuse the trust he has with other people.

  • Swift2

    The yep of authenticity.

  • Albert Willis

    Well, it’s now officially confirmed. Plan accordingly.

  • Hrunga Zmuda

    Money in the bank. Stupid contract means I can’t get one until November! Well, at least I don’t have to stand in line. :)

  • Jason Green

    but what about Mavericks…

  • Jeff

    And thus the Internet can breathe once again.

  • iPhone 5 News Blog

    Jim, many thanks — we’re all big fans of the nope/yep at the iPhone 5 News Blog. But moreso the “yep:”

  • ConcerneddotReader
    • Space Gorilla

      I don’t see where you reported a specific date. Did I miss that? Lots of people expected September, that part was easy. Now we have an exact day, hence the “Yep”.

      • ConcerneddotReader

        “We fully expect Apple to release the iPhone 5S just two days after the release date for iOS 7, on Sept. 20; the iPhone 5S would likely be introduced an event one week prior to its release (as well as the release date of iOS 7) on Sept. 10.”

        • Space Gorilla

          Hmm, I usually read carefully and I missed that. I’ll take your word for it that the date was in the original version of the story.

    • mdelvecchio

      ive never heard of you nor seen your website before, but i have seen AllThingsD. im probably not alone in that… cant confirm what ya didnt see.

  • crateish

    Finally. The 12-inch iPhone, for people who like covering their entire face, with their Samsung shoebox lid sized phones.

    • Moeskido

      Shoebox lid is the new black.

  • Dan Dorfman

    Survey says: Yep.

  • René Friedrich

    Thanks for confirmation, Jim!

  • Inder

    the “yep” is here….

  • AaronD12

    Perfect timing. The wife’s launch-day iPhone 4 needs replacing.

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  • Jason Ip
  • Hmph.

    This is my favorite kind of blog post.

  • StephenJobs

    do you think you’re steve jobs or something? yep.

  • Alf

    What about the MacBook Pro Retina’s? Yep?

  • Adriano Geletes

    Wouldn’t it be a good move to release iOS 7 to the public months later? I can imagine, that some people (who actually want to upgrade their iPhone) wouldn’t buy a new iPhone anymore after installing iOS7 on their existing iPhone 4/4S. iOS7 is something new, it feels lighter and smoother, and so does the iPhone 4/4S with iOS7. What do you think?

    • Scott


  • coverskin

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  • Lolo

    That’s pretentious !

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  • Leafs99

    Yeah at the Leafs Fan we very much admire your work Jim.