DOJ accuses Apple, publishers of conspiring again

The DOJ is looking a lot like the paranoid conspiracy theory guy that lives down the street.

  • Jack

    Terrible headline. “Conspiring again” implies that they’re taking further illegal actions.

    • Larry Davis

      And completely incorrect. “Conspiring” was not used. The actual wording was “banding together”.

  • Moeskido

    Continuing the Beltway shakedown that began in the Senate.


    Na, this realtime NSA wiretap of Lawyers, book execs and Apple exec that DOJ has. It just can’t use the information in a court of law but it can make an argument without proof because this is sentencing.

  • Jenny McCarthy lives on your street?

  • lucascott

    The publishers conspired to collude in defending Apple against what could be punishment that doesn’t fit the crime. Particularly when it could be taken as recanting previous settlements.

    So what? How is that illegal? That they all agree that the DOJ is going way too far is not an illegal act. Had the DOJ said two years as they had to the publishers no one would have likely said boo.

    So if the labels, studios etc had stepped up to object to the inclusion of their media formats would they be conspiring and colluding as well?