Motorola Moto X review

After reading this review, I’m left with a “ho-hum” feeling.

  • Sounds like a cool phone from all I’ve read. Not top of the line, but a nice mid-range phone.

  • Mother Hydra

    I really liked the look of the wood-backed phones, but they aren’t out until later this year. Moto also hitched their star to AT&T for the color stuff (at least initially) which is a huge mistake. Why did Google buy Moto again?!

  • “ho-hum” coming from iOS? The OS/phone that hasn’t had any major changes since, well, it came out?

    • mdelvecchio

      it’s gone thru several changes.

      as for the OS, iOS was so good out of the blocks that dramatic change hasn’t been necessary. the iterative improvements have been nice, however.

  • joe c

    I don’t see how making a tablet at what I assume is near-cost (or at a loss) is “keeping competitors at bay”. Are companies supposed to be turning into charities now?

  • funny how all of a sudden specs don’t matter to android users.

    “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”

    • Henry Ford

    Reminds me of the Apple approach. No wonder motorola decided to go this route, copying Apple sure worked for samsung.

    • The White Tiger

      Because sweeping generalizations are the telltale sign of a rational and thoughtful argument.

      Also, Henry Ford never said that.

      • right, because the internet claims he didn’t say that quote.

        You are right about the generalization not being rational or thoughtful. When dealing with android lovers you can’t really be rational though.

        • The White Tiger

          Sorry, I didn’t know the Henry Ford Museum was the internet. Perhaps you could source that quote for me, then?

          You just generalized to explain why it’s rational to generalize.

          I like Android, though I don’t use it (I sit entirely in the Apple ecosystem). Do I seem that irrational to you?

  • The White Tiger

    No offense Mr. Dalrymple, but I’m not exactly taken aback by your general apathy toward an Android device!

    I think it’s a step in the right direction for Android, even if the X itself is meh. Most people don’t give a shit about processing specs in the real world– they care about a good balance between features and ease of use, as well as battery life (personalization can be a plus too, of course). Motorola may have stumbled a bit on the execution, but any direction forward besides “more cores!” is a-okay in my book.