AMBER Alerts on your iPhone

Great idea.

  • BC2009

    I’m not sure what the great idea is. I already silenced “Emergency Alerts” in my area because they are being misused. On a Friday afternoon I received an emergency alert indicating that there was a Flash Flood warning in affect through Monday. I know pretty well how to avoid Flash Flood areas when storm clouds are in the sky. However, I received three more emergency alerts for the exact same thing during the weekend. The first was on Saturday afternoon, then around 2am on Sunday and then again on Sunday afternoon.

    With my phone on vibrate, they make no sound on my iPhone 4S; however, Do-Not-Disturb mode is completely ignored by these.

    So now I have shut off Emergency Alerts and will likely leave them off unless I am traveling in Tornado Alley or somewhere like that.

    I still have AMBER alerts turned on. However, there are times that I am certain I will be of no help in finding a lost child even if I receive an AMBER alert:

    1) When I am sleeping 2) When I am in a meeting at work

    This is why “Do Not Disturb” mode should work for AMBER alerts. If I am out at a mall or an amusement park or on the highway, then AMBER alerts make sense. But my phone is never in Do Not Disturb mode in these situations.

  • njpozner

    I agree, it’s a great idea in theory. Receiving the same alert 7 times over a 3 hour period prompted me to turn it off. If there’s no new information to convey, 1 alert is sufficient.

  • stsk

    My unofficial observation is that a vast preponderance of AMBER alerts have nothing to do with actual risk to the child and have everything to do with parental custody disputes. I’d be really interested in knowing just what percentage of AMBER alerts involve serious risk to the child from an unrelated third party.

  • Great idea in theory, sucks in practice.

    I’ve received numerous repeat Amber alerts over the past 24 hours. No new information, just a repeat alarm. I suppose Amber alerts are important enough that we should be reminded of them, but how about no more than twice in 24 hours (unless there’s new info offered). FYI, Samsung and other devices can receive Amber alerts as well.

  • chjode

    Nothing like an obnoxious AMBER alert for something that happened three hours ago and 400 miles away.


  • I like the idea, but it went off for the first time this morning when two kids were abducted at 1:30 AM. I woke to some screeching noise. Didn’t realize what it was until I got up later and saw the message on my lock screen. Then I got it again about 11 a.m.

    You can bet I was looking for a Nissan Versa the whole time I was on Interstate 5 today to and from work.

  • Alaska99801

    It’s a great idea. If some of you have such little tolerance for civic duty, lets hope none of your family ever need help. It is not much being asked.