Dear Daily Mail

NSFW, but awesome.

For the uninitiated, Amanda Palmer is something of an indie darling; she first came on the scene in the mid-aughts as one half of Dresden Dolls. Palmer explains why she wrote this song in the video, but the executive summary is that British shitrag tabloid Daily Mail wrote a sensational piece about Palmer’s boob appearing during her performance at the Glastonbury Festival. Nudity is almost de rigueur at a Palmer event, so the Daily Mail’s coverage of it seemed ludicrous. Palmer responded with this.

(Via Upworthy)

(Updated with better quality video, hat tip to reader def4)

  • Didn’t she ask for someone with a good camera at the start? Why didn’t they post the video, instead of this jittery blown-out crap? Anyway, funny lyrics. And sadly true.

    • Peter Cohen

      I’ve updated the article with the version def4 linked to. Much better.

  • def4
  • Moeskido

    Excellent song.