The Wii U is the Surface of game consoles

Nintendo’s Wii U console sold only 160,000 units worldwide during the past three months, with the company blaming a lack of first-party releases for the poor performance. Software sales for the system were just 1.3 million units.

It enrages me that we live in a world where Nintendo makes game consoles and Sega doesn’t.

Yes, I’m a Dreamcast fanboi for life. Sue me.

  • Chris Hauk

    I’m right there with you. I still have a Dreamcast unit I dust off from time to time and hook up to the big screen just to reminisce.

  • Wayner83

    Dreamcast was the best Next Generation console. I agree whole heartily the wrong company left the console industry.

  • anexanhume

    The text is inaccurate. The Wii U shipped this many, not sold. It was replenishing sold stock in a quiet quarter. It does indicate retailers were overstocked to begin with, but shipped != sold.

  • Mother Hydra

    I’m not sure Nintendo knows how to combat the fact that, to any gamer with spare cash, the 3DS is the more compelling option from a game library standpoint. They need to price drop and shore up the game scene with their 1st party exclusives, but will that be enough for this holiday season considering the Xbone and PS4 releases?

  • gjgustav

    Sad, really, because I like the Nintendo game franchises. Pikmin 3 looks good, but not enough to get me to buy. Now add a new Zelda title to that, and…

  • Sebastian Paul

    The Dreamcast was awesome, great ports of arcade games like HotD2 and Crazy Taxi, some really good exclusives (Haven’t played Shenmue, but Resident Evil Code Veronica is the best part of the series) and Internet.

    The Dreamcast was my first internet capable device^^

    • Rom Hunter

      RE:CV was a Goddamned masterpiece! And Powerstone 2 was so much better than Super Smash Brothers in EVERY WAY

  • Tim Chaten

    Quick Reminder: The 3DS is now the best selling console and it had a dreadful start due to the lack of games.

    The Wii U will take off once this avalanche of games comes in 2013 and into 2014. Sure it has taken awhile to get out there, but games sell consoles. Not sure how well X1 or PS4 will do in their first year.

    Starting this month there will be a major 1st party release every month – these are top quality games you won’t find elsewhere

  • Herding_sheep

    It enrages you that Nintendo still makes game consoles? You should be enraged that they BOTH can’t make video game consoles. Why does it need to be one way or the other? I don’t see how any self-respecting gamer (above 21 years old) doesn’t appreciate Nintendo and their long list of contributions to the gaming industry.

    That being said, if you were truly a Sega fanboy, then WiiU would probably be your console of choice, considering Sega and Nintendo are now basically in partnership (I know, crazy :P). New Sonic game (which looks fantastic) will be exclusive to WiiU, and more.

    3DS had a rocky start, but is now performing very strong, with an outstanding library of games. Once Nintendo gets the steam truck rolling with first party games, things will pick up for the WiiU.

    “Analysts” have been calling for Nintendos doom since the N64 days. You know, kinda like the Apple “analysts” these days ;). Here we are, 3 console generations later, and they’re still going, still making fabulous games.

    • Tim Chaten

      Sadly folks tend to forget what Nintendo has done to the industry – besides their amazingly creative games …

      Nintendo introduced this or made it mainstream for the first time to home consoles: Rumble, Analogue Sticks, Motion Control, Wireless Controllers (Wavebird), D-Pad (NES), Shoulder Buttons (SNES), Dual Screen Gaming on DS/3DS/Wii U and 4 player multiplayer on every system without an add-on – N64

      I continue to enjoy their games as a mid 20s adult and playing their new games see fresh ideas and gameplay elements that I didn’t have as a kid.

    • It enrages you that Nintendo still makes game consoles?

      …and Sega doesn’t. Try to keep up.

  • “Kids love them tablets right? And they love games? Let’s put a tablet on their game system. It will sell BILLIONS!”

    • jacksonsquire

      The Wii U GamePad is about as much a tablet as the Nintendo DS’s second screen is. The GamePad is nothing more than bringing dual screen capabilities to their TV console. Nice try.

      • Tim Chaten

        Yea the Wii U is an expansion of the Nintendo DS which sold I believe around 150 million units so that was a fairly big hit.

        When you hold a Wii U controller it is fairly obviously a controller and not trying to be a tablet.

        • Good Odin’s Ravens you people are dense.

      • Thanks, Idiot.

        • jacksonsquire

          You’re welcome, dipshit.

          • I’m not the tone deaf dork that is incapable of parsing sarcasm. Enjoy your time on the Internet, because no one whom you interact will…

          • Tim Chaten

            Sarcasm is a bit tricky to pick up on when typed and not spoken – don’t take things to seriously “His Shadow”

          • You are both utterly incapable of detecting sarcasm but I’m taking things too seriously? Who here believed I was actually asserting that the Wii U controller was trying to be a tablet? Hint: no one else but you two.

  • jacksonsquire

    Sega got out of the console market because they released 4 console flops in a row. Sega didn’t just make the Dreamcast and call it quits. They made numerous attempts trying to compete with the SNES’ endless cartridge expansion capabilities with Genesis add-ons that all flopped. Then came the Saturn and lastly the Dreamcast. All of their failures were complicated by the fact they couldn’t make decent games to save their life after the early successes on the Genesis. They still can’t. The Dreamcast was an awesome product, but it was too late.

    I find it hypocritical where on this website you’re endlessly trying to debunk media cries of doom and gloom for Apple when you’re doing the same mistakes to Nintendo. You repeatedly cite Apple corporate history and forgotten failures/successes to prove that Apple is fine and lambast the rest of the media for ignoring/forgetting it yet you’re repeating the media’s mistakes with Nintendo.

    Nintendo has been doomed in the eyes of the media since flat sales of the Nintendo 64. The Nintendo 64 never sold well. Its successor didn’t either. You’re comparing it to a Microsoft product that is nothing like the Wii U that are in completely different markets, intended to be sold to different consumers, and they’re also intended to be sold in a different manner.

    Where was the doom and gloom when the Xbox sold flat and never turned a profit? What about the horrible initial sales of the Xbox 360? It took the Xbox 360 two years to start selling well and another year and a half on top of that to even turn a profit. Yet, we’re here today arguing about the impending doom to a console that’s less than a year old. It could very well still bomb, but 8 months isn’t a long enough time to determine that especially when there’s an endless string of prior consoles by multiple vendors that took longer than a year to sell.

    • Tim Chaten

      Yea the first year of any console has historically been for enthusiasts and die hards – normals don’t jump in until the game library has filled out – the Wii perhaps was the only situation where everyone wanted in right away.

      Or with PS2 or PS3 normals wanted it for the DVD Player or BluRay Player as both of those came out when buying stand alone units was cost prohibitive.

      Games sell Consoles – games take time to develop – especially top notch great games

    • Peter Cohen

      How about this: LIGHTEN. THE FUCK. UP.

      • chillsandwich

        Take your own advice, bro.

    • Moeskido
  • nizy

    Too true on the dreamcast front. I still have mine hooked up. Some of my all time fav games were on that system including Shenmue 1 & 2.

  • RD

    The Dreamcast was great. Wish I still had mine.

    I hope we get to a point where 1 console rules them all. I want Nintendo games but I don’t want them on the hardware Nintendo has released of late. In fact, out of the game console makers, I’d prefer Nintendo to win out and be that console.

  • I have a Wii U, my daughter plays it every day. She doesn’t really care about graphics or powerful consoles, just wants to play games that are fun. Nintendo still offers the fun aspect for casual gamers. I guess offering family fun games just doesn’t make money like it used to though. Now everything needs to be some silly war FPS game with 9 additional map packs to purchase.

  • Kip Beatty

    Thank you Peter for enlightening others on what those of us who own one have always known…

    Dreamcast was the greatest console ever!!