PR Protip: How to handle criticism in a review

Love the review, Danielle. It’s a fair assessment and completely factual. I’m truly thankful that it was you who wrote it, and wouldn’t even think of requesting you change a single letter.

The comments from the game’s supporters are definitely disheartening. It’s ok to not like a game based on an art style, and Polygon is allowed to score the game however they feel necessary. It goes through multiple levels of editing before it’s fully approved, and they’re entitled to their own, informed opinion of the game.

I urge you to please respect the Danielle’s/Polygon’s opinion and then form your own instead of trying to force your opinion on them.

Atlus PR handled some criticism of their new game like pros, admonishing their fans to dial it back after they went a bit rabid on the reviewer.

  • Mother Hydra

    Polygon is one of the few places to go read about games online where the comments section doesn’t automatically descend into total 4chan anarchy at a moment’s notice.

    • Deter Pinklage

      Sure it does especially during click bait reviews like Sim City, Ni No Kuni, and the Last of Us reviews.

      • Peter Cohen

        Regardless, Polygon is one of the very few general game web sites that actually does real journalism. Polygon and are daily reading for me.

  • Moeskido

    Sounds like a site I need to look at.

    • Peter Cohen

      Absolutely. Polygon is top notch.